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Kid’s bedroom inspiration for a makeover on a budget

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Bright pops of colour, beachy vibes and clever use of a small budget give this kid’s bedroom all the bang for less bucks.

By Bam Interiors [Photography by Rachel Winton]

There comes a time (or many times!) in every mama’s life when she needs to makeover her kid’s bedroom.

So when it was time for Bowie, seven, to get his own room, mama Sarita wanted to make it truly his own.

After all, he’d shared a space with his twin brother, Kip, his whole life.

Sarita focused on Bowie’s love of bright colours, skating and the beach when settling on a theme for Bowie’s room in their Melbourne home.

And with a tiny budget set aside for the project, she utilised clever ways to get a big-bang result without spending a fortune.

kid's bedroom, bowie's hideaway mama disrupt
What is the theme of this kid’s bedroom?

For Bowie’s room I really wanted to inject a bit of colour and fun. With a tiny budget, I thought the most cost effective way would be to paint a feature wall instead of wallpapering. The two-tone feature wall really adds the wow factor.

What made you choose the theme?

Bowie is a child with varied interests and hobbies, and I really wanted this reflected in his personal sanctuary; beachy, cool and something that would see Bowie through to his teen years. With the room already containing a few nice pieces, and working with a limited budget, it was mainly through accessories and artwork that the look was achieved.

Why was doing a special space for your kid’s bedroom important to you?

Being an identical twin, this was Bowie’s first solo bedroom without his brother Kip. I wanted the space to reflect his individual personality, and I felt that his own sanctuary was important for his own identity development.

What made you decide the theme for the room?

As Bowie is a big fan of the colour blue, I knew that this would be an important part of his overall room. The biggest place to make an impact on the otherwise grey walls was to start with a fun blue feature, and then let the theme develop from here.

kid's bedroom, bowie's hideaway mama disrupt
Where do you get your design inspiration?

Scouring Instagram and Pinterest boards. I also have a large collection of interior design magazines I like to look back through for inspiration.

What looks/items are you in love with at the moment?

Although I prefer a neutral palette in my living spaces, I feel like bedrooms are a great place to get creative and inject colour and fun. Overall, I love the fun of an eclectic/boho theme as there really are no rules.

What tips can you give to create a similar look/design when it comes to a kid’s bedroom?

Have fun with wall colour as it’s such an easy thing to change and always add greenery!

What would be your one main piece of styling advice?

Don’t always play it safe; if you love it, then use it!