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Celebrating every kind of dad this Father’s Day

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Look, Father’s Day is not just for the guys who’ve biologically passed on their genes. So let’s lift our mugs – whether they say “World’s Best Dad” or not – and toast to every kind of ‘dad’ out there.

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Ah, Father’s Day. That one day where grilling aprons are all the rage, neckties fly off the shelves, and we get to celebrate our main men. But hold up – let’s not get too caught up in the Hallmark version of fatherhood. Because, listen, being a dad or “like a dad” is a whole spectrum of emotions, roles, and, let’s be honest, challenges.

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To the Dads-in-Waiting

First off, shoutout to the guys who are on the edge of their seats, just waiting to be dads. Maybe you’re pacing hospital corridors, maybe you’re filling out adoption papers, or maybe you’re looking at yet another negative pregnancy test with your partner. Whatever the case, this day’s got your name on it too. You’re practically loving a child into existence, and for that, we salute you.

The Dads Who’ve Been Through The Unthinkable

Now, let’s not forget the dads who’ve had to endure the unbearable – the loss of a child. No one talks about it, but you guys deserve a moment today more than anyone. Your love, your loss – it’s something most of us can’t even fathom. Just know that today, we see you, we remember with you, and we honour your endless love.

Missing Your Dad? He’s Here In Spirit

Yeah, some of us will be lighting a candle instead of a barbecue this Father’s Day. And that’s okay. Our dads may not be here in the flesh, but oh boy, do they ever linger in the life lessons, the dad jokes, and that familiar cologne smell that pops up at the strangest times. Even if they’re not here, they’re our forever ‘silent compass,’ aren’t they?

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Single Mums: The Real MVPs

Okay, here’s where we might stir the pot a little. Father’s Day for single mums? You bet! These women are the Jacks – and Jills – of all trades. They’re mum, dad, coach, chef, chauffeur, and financial planner all wrapped into one. They’re pulling double-duty like a boss. If anyone deserves a Father’s Day card and maybe a bottle of something strong, it’s you ladies.

The Mums Who Do It All (Even When They Don’t Have To)

Oh, and let’s dish on the mums who are in a relationship but still end up being the family’s go-to for, well, everything. You know who you are. Chore charts, soccer practices, helping with math homework – that’s all you. It’s not that your partner isn’t great; it’s just that you’ve become the ultimate multitasker. And guess what? Today’s a little bit for you too, babe.

Dads of All Stripes

And, of course, let’s cheer for all the non-traditional dads out there. Stepdads, foster dads, mentor-dads, two-dad families, and two-mum families – Father’s Day isn’t a “members-only” club. It’s an open celebration for anyone who steps up to the plate. And in this day and age, that’s a tapestry of folks.

To all of you filling these incredibly large and varied shoes: You’re doing amazing, and this day? Oh, it’s totally for you. Cheers!

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