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Got little kids? Here are 7 hazards to look out for this Christmas

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Gearing up for Christmas festivities? Here are some key safety tips to ensure your celebrations are both merry and hazard-free!

By Mama Disrupt®

The festive season is a whirlwind of tinsel and cheer, isn’t it? But, let’s not forget amidst all the excitement, there are a few sneaky hazards lurking around. So, let’s chat about keeping the holidays safe and sound, shall we?

1. Tree ornaments

Those sparkly baubles are like magnets for little fingers, aren’t they? To dodge any choking scares, opt for shatterproof ornaments or hang the delicate ones higher up, out of the grasp of our curious munchkins.

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2. Christmas trees

Christmas trees are great, but they can be quite the dominoes if not secured properly. Anchor them well to avoid any toppling disasters, and give them enough space to stand tall without becoming tripping hazards.

3. Battery-operated toys

From twinkling lights to buzzing toys, batteries are everywhere. Keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not loose or looking a bit worse for wear. We don’t want any unexpected shocks or choking hazards, do we?

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4. Stockings and fireplaces

Hanging stockings is like the cherry on top of our festive decor, but let’s be mindful about where we place them. For those of us basking in the heat of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, hanging them over the fireplace is sure to be safe. But for our friends and families in the North, think about keeping them away from the cosy warmth of fireplaces and heaters.

5. Decorations with temptations

Those cute decorations with small bits like faux berries? They’re like tiny treasures for little explorers. If you’re using them, let’s keep them up high, out of reach of our mini adventurers.

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6. New toys

Unwrapping presents is the best part! But, let’s keep an eagle eye on new toys and check for any choking hazards.

7. Plastic galore

With all the gift unwrapping, there’s bound to be a mountain of plastic packaging and bags. Tidy them up quick-smart to keep our kiddos and furry friends safe from any choking dangers.

So, there we have it. A little bit of careful planning and a dash of vigilance, and we’re all set for a festive season that’s as safe as it is jolly. Happy holidays!

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