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If you hate packing school lunches then try these 8 lunchbox hacks

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The Back to School countdown is on and these #mumhacks for packing school lunches will change your life!

By Alison Said

Trying to get our kids to eat what we give them… it’s the struggle of so many, right? Because we just want to nourish their growing bodies and stop the ‘Mum, I’m hungry’ cries all day long.

And with the Back to School countdown on again, it’s time to pick up some tips and tricks to make life easier.

Here are my top tips for packing a balanced lunchbox [and getting your kids to eat it!].

1. Get your kiddos involved

When it’s time to pack the school lunchboxes, get the kids involved. That way they will become more invested in the process and the foods you pack – which means they are more likely to eat it. Winning!

2. Remember the 5 finger rule

When it comes to nourishing our kids’ bodies, packing a variety of foods is key. To make things easier, I stick to the “5 finger rule”, which includes fruit, veggie, dairy, protein, and grains.

3. Throw in a few favourites, plus something new

I always include a few safe foods which I know my child will eat, but also include something new, such as a new veggie, flavour or recipe.

4. Mix it up [and have fun]

The trusty sandwich is of course a great lunchbox staple. But to keep things new and fun, think about other grain options such as a croissant, sushi, wraps, raisin toast or an English muffin. Yum!

5. Get creative, mamacita

Even changing up the presentation can make foods more appealing to kids. Things like making a kiwi “flower” or using cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches. You can even write a lunchbox note to surprise your kid. Do whatever it takes to get them eating and looking forward to opening up their lunchbox.

6. Shortcuts are your friend

This tip is a massive lifesaver! Food prep to save you time wherever possible. Use last night’s dinner leftovers, or pack a yoghurt pouch. Make it E-A-S-Y for yourself to lessen the burden of packing a great lunch.

7. Ask for feedback

When your kids get home from school, ask them what they liked and didn’t like in their lunch that day. Get them to explain what it is they liked, and then get excited about it!

8. Don’t give up

This is possibly the most important tip. If your child refuses to eat something, don’t get discouraged. They may eventually like that food, and if not, don’t stress – there are plenty of other food choices to explore with them.

Keep it up mama, you got this!

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