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Have you heard of sleepunders? The new trend changing up childhood

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Sleepunders are the latest thing in kids’ parties – combining the fun of sleepovers with the comfort of home.

By Anneka Rose

If you’ve been on social media lately (umm yes) you’ve probs seen sleepovers pop up in your feed.

So WTF is a sleepunder anyway? Sleepunders are the clever twist to traditional sleepovers that keep the fun high but the stress low. It’s all about hosting a classic sleepover-themed party, but instead of a night away from home, the little guests return to their cosy beds at the end of the evening. Genius, right?


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3 Reasons Why Sleepunders are a Game Changer
1. Perfect for the Young Ones

Ideal for kids who aren’t quite ready to spend the whole night away from home.

2. Stress-Free for Parents

Say goodbye to midnight wake-up calls or the next-day tiredness. Your child enjoys the party and still gets a good night’s sleep at home.

3. All the Fun, None of the Fuss

Enjoy all the classic sleepover activities – games, movies, snacks – without the overnight commitment.

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How to Host a Stellar Sleepunder

Set a fun theme: Whether it’s superheroes, unicorns, or a pyjama party, a themed sleepunder can be a blast!

Plan engaging activities: Think crafts, mini talent shows, or a family-friendly movie.

Don’t forget the snacks: Popcorn, mini sandwiches, and healthy treats will keep the little party-goers fuelled and happy.

Create a cosy space: Set up a tent or a fort with pillows and fairy lights for that sleepover vibe.

Party bags: Send the kids home with a little gift to remember the fun evening.

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Why We Love Sleepunders

As a mum, you want your child to have fun but also need to manage the logistics and anxieties that come with traditional sleepovers. Sleepunders offer a fabulous solution, ensuring your kids don’t miss out on the fun while you get to enjoy the peace of mind knowing they’ll be safely tucked in their bed at the end of the night.

Ready to Try a Sleepunder?

So, are you ready to give this trend a go? Trust us, it’s a win-win for everyone involved – the kids have a blast, and you get to relax knowing everyone’s happy and safe. Let’s embrace the sleepunder and make some unforgettable memories for our little stars.

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