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Bohemian vibes for your little girl’s bedroom

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Looking for bohemian inspo for your little girl’s bedroom? You will love this girlie colour palette offset by earthy texture. Sweet dreams.

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Hello bohemian inspo! We are SO obsessed with this bedroom.

When Lana Turner, co-founder of Interior Design business Three Birds was planning the renos on her family’s forever home, a more mature bedroom makeover was on the cards for her 10-year-old daughter Ruby.

It had to be a space the tween could grow into and it had to be something special.

The result is every girl’s haven – a charming palette of soft pinks with the added drama of gold and washed timber accents for a modern yet rustic feel.

What made you choose the theme “Gritty Pretty” for this bedroom?

My daughter Ruby was turning 10 and no longer wanted a childish room with rainbow pillows and unicorn motifs.

ruby's room mama disrupt
Why was doing a special space for Ruby so important to you?

I knew that Ruby loved her old bedroom and we were going to turn that into a living space and move her into a new room – it had to be evsen better. We extended the room over an old, external staircase to make it larger and she has a set of gorgeous large windows with a bright pink Bougainvillea outside it – so the view is lovely.

How did you choose the overall theme?

We wanted something girlie, but in a “growing up” sort of way. We chose only muted pinks and added neutrals and warm timber for a “dirty” vibe. The recycled timber louvre doors which we white-washed, gives the room an earthy, grown-up feeling which you don’t get from IKEA-style white MDF-coated cupboard doors.

Is Ruby enjoying her new bohemian bedroom?

I often find Ruby just relaxing in her room with the door closed. She loves spending time on the floor and doing gymnastics in there. We chose a natural-coloured, premium wool, large loop carpet which is so inviting.

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Where do you get your design inspiration from?

Pinterest, Instagram and from Bonnie, my fellow co-founder and creative rirector of Three Birds Renovations.

What tips can you share to create a similar bohemian feel?

Less is more. Don’t go over the top with colour or use too many items in the space. The design of Ruby’s room and the whole house was quite minimalist with a raw, earthy feeling – where texture reigns supreme.

What would be your one main piece of styling advice?

Don’t crowd a room with too much furniture and stuff. Clutter will organically accumulate over time – so don’t give yourself a head start!

ruby's room mama disrupt
How has your life changed since having children?

Life is so much harder – but so much better. I’m more fulfilled because there are these two little creatures that are so pure and innocent… in today’s world and even with my hectic job… I take solace in having those two around me. They always keep me grounded.

Is your family complete?

Our family is very complete. We were lucky to have a boy and girl so didn’t try for a third. To be honest I felt like I would be spreading my love (and time) too thin across three children… so we got a parrot instead. His name is Green Sunshine.

What values do you wish to instill in your children?

Be kind and honest. Always act with integrity. Don’t fear failure, fear not trying in the first place.