ANZAC Day, Mama Disrupt

How to explain ANZAC Day to your kids

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Another important day – more important questions. Let’s chat about ANZAC Day and how to make kiddo convos meaningful and age-appropriate.

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First things first, let’s break down what ANZAC Day is all about.

ANZAC Day, celebrated on April 25th, marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I. It’s a day to remember and honour the brave men and women who served and sacrificed for our countries.

Now, explaining such a complex topic to our little ones can seem daunting, but trust us, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how you can tackle it:

ANZAC Day, Mama Disrupt

Keep it Simple

Start by explaining that ANZAC Day is a special day when we remember and thank the soldiers who fought in wars to keep us safe. Use age-appropriate language and avoid overwhelming them with too much information at once.


Kids love stories, so why not share some anecdotes about ANZACs? You could talk about the courage of the soldiers, the mateship they shared, and the importance of remembering their sacrifices.

Get Creative

Engage your little ones with fun activities, like making poppy crafts or baking ANZAC biscuits together. This hands-on approach not only keeps them entertained but also helps them understand the significance of the day.

Answering Questions

As curious beings, kids are bound to have lots of questions about ANZAC Day. Be prepared to answer them honestly and simply. If you’re unsure about something, it’s okay to say you don’t know and find the answer together. We’re all still learning.

Be Sensitive

War can be a heavy topic, so be mindful of your child’s emotions. Let them know that it’s okay to feel sad or confused and reassure them that they are safe.

ANZAC Day, Mama Disrupt

Now, let’s address some common questions your little ones might have about ANZAC Day and how you can answer them:

1. Why do we wear poppies?

Poppies have become a symbol of remembrance because they grew in the fields where many soldiers fought during World War I. We wear them to show respect and gratitude for their sacrifice.

2. What is a dawn service?

A dawn service is a special ceremony held early in the morning to remember the soldiers who fought in wars. It usually involves singing, speeches, and a minute of silence to honour their memory.

3. Why do we have a minute of silence?

The minute of silence is a time for reflection and respect. It gives us a moment to think about the sacrifices made by the soldiers and to thank them for their bravery.

4. Can we visit a war memorial?

Visiting a war memorial is a great way to pay your respects and learn more about the history of ANZAC Day. You can leave flowers or a note to show your appreciation for the soldiers’ service.

5. What can we do to remember the ANZACs?

There are many ways to honour the ANZACs, from attending a dawn service to participating in a minute of silence. You could also donate to a veterans’ charity or simply take a moment to say thank you.

ANZAC Day, Mama Disrupt

Remember, talking to your kids about ANZAC Day is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about instilling values of gratitude, respect, and empathy. So take the time to have these conversations and create lasting memories with your little ones.

After all, the lessons we teach them today will shape the future generation of compassionate and understanding individuals. Lest we forget.

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