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How to explain the bushfire crisis to your kids

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

My one-year-old daughter is obvs too young to understand or even know that Australia is fighting catastrophic f*cking bushfires, so when my three-year-old nephew asked me about it – I was caught off guard and wasn’t entirely sure what to say.

Later that day, I was scrolling Insta and came across a post from our Summer Daze cover mama Eleesha Quinn (@the.quinn.girls), who shared a fab piece of info that will totes help answer those curly questions our little ones have been throwing our way.

The Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service has uploaded the sweetest series of flipbooks featuring Birdie – and the best part is… they’re all FREE to download.

Birdie and the Fire is a story for young kids about recovering from fires and follows Birdie and her friends, who have to get away from a bushfire.

There are also flipbooks on other natural disasters including cyclones, crazy hot weather, sickness, floods, drought and earthquakes. Srsly epic reads for your tiny babes.

natural disasters mama disrupt

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