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How to talk to your kids about Australia Day in 2024

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Kids come to us will all sorts of questions, so here are a few pointers for chatting to your littles about Australia Day.

By Charlotte Cruz

January 26th. For many Australians, it’s a day synonymous with sizzling snags, fireworks, and beaches. But Australia Day, also known as Invasion Day to some, carries a complex history woven with both celebration and sorrow.

So, how do we talk about this complex day with our curious kids? Here’s your guide to navigating these conversations in 2024.

Australia Day, mama disrupt

What is Australia Day All About?

First things first, let’s get our facts straight. Australia Day is all about the day in 1788 when the First Fleet landed in Port Jackson. But, hey, it’s not just a history lesson – it’s a day to think about what being Australian really means, and it’s as diverse as our fab country.

Celebrating Our Big, Beautiful Mix

Australia is like the world’s most amazing salad bowl. So many different ingredients making something super special. Why not make Australia Day a day to celebrate that? Think food, music, and stories from all corners of Australia. Your kids will love it, and hey, you might learn something new too.

Chatting About the Tough Stuff

It’s super important to remember that for our indigenous mates, Australia Day can be a bit of a tough one. It’s all about balance. Let’s talk to our kids about the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It’s a chance to teach respect and understanding from the get-go.

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Fun Stuff to Do

Who doesn’t love a good family day out? Or even a family day in. You could visit cool historical spots, whip up an Aussie animal craft, or cuddle up for a story session with books about our rich history and culture. Make it fun and the kids will be all ears.

Questions? Thoughts? Let’s Hear ‘Em

Kids are curious little creatures, aren’t they? Encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts about Australia Day. It’s all about chatting, listening, and learning together. Plus, there’s no right or wrong way to do this – just go with the flow.

So talking about Australia Day with our kids isn’t just a walk through history. It’s about celebrating our diversity, being respectful of different views, and, most importantly, having a good yarn as a family. As parents, we’re in a prime spot to raise a bunch of open-minded, kind-hearted Aussies. Let’s make it happen.

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