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Looking for something to read? 5 of our fav books

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Whether you’ve just finished a great read and are looking for another page turner. Or it’s been a while since you’ve lost yourself in a book, here are 5 of our favs.

By Mama Disrupt®

1. BALANCE & OTHER B.S., By Felicity Harley

Want to know how to hold it together when you’re doing it all? Turns out other mums at the school/kinder gate are also drowning in guilt and overwhelm whilst trying to keep everything afloat. You are not alone! As we juggle our multiple roles, balance has never been more elusive. This little ripper of a page turner shows you how to cut through the B.S. to findclarity in the chaos, shed some of your mental load and feel empowered in this wonderfully messy mama life.

2. SAD MUM LADY, By Ashe Davenport

It can feel like there’s a rule for mums: if you’re going to say anything mildly unhappy about motherhood, you must also stress how worth it it all is. But then there’s the crying. The tearing and the leaking. And the isolation. The sleep deprivation. And the responsibility! Fear not. Ashe Davenport is not afraid to say it is f*cked in this hilare read.


Searching for permission to drop your standards and relax? This book is a practical and entertaining antidote to the cray of modern parenting, offering a way to raise resilient kids, with less pressure, less guilt, less stress and fewer cupcakes baked at midnight. By doing half as much, you might actually be helping your kids be more successful.


In this real-life story, Despina recounts the couple’s nine- year quest to become parents, while uncovering the stigma around the IVF and surrogacy industries, and what it’s like to live for years with uncertainty. An incredible and heartbreaking journey through miscarriage and trying to have a baby, this memoir is devoted to the babies we long for.

5. FIND YOUR SPARKLE, By Meredith Gaston

If you’re looking for a feel good pick-me-up, this is it. In Find Your Sparkle: Embracing the Magic of Life, Meredith Gaston’s words and pictures culminate in a hand-illustrated love letter for the soul. Encouraging us to explore, nurture and nourish our inner sparkle for a happier, and healthier life, this is the self-care companion we all need. Hello inner peace.

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