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The 5 Mother-First Brands You Need In Your Life

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By Mama Disrupt®

Motherhood is fierce; a journey you don’t quite get until you find yourself being catapulted into [baby] space with a nappy under your arm and a small human over your shoulder.

As mothers, we give. We give it all. Unconditionally.

And while it may sometimes feel like everything we do goes unnoticed [hello #invisibleload], it’s important to recognise the magic of what we do.

The strength it takes.

The courage that we muster each day.

The roar that lies within us.

Because we are mums. Wild and free. And that is power. That is fire, baby.

Which is why we cannot get enough of female-focused mother-centred brands that recognise the needs of the modern mother, and go out of their way to support women to live their best motherhood – helping build a dynamic new reality for mothers. Brands who are leading motherhood into the future.

Here are 5 of our fav Australian brands empowering mamas to thrive:


Mother, Mother's Day, Mama Disrupt, BUBBA BUMP1. BUBBA BUMP

We spend so much time thinking about birth and making sure we have everything our sweet bundles of love will need when they arrive, that we often forget to consider what WE need as new mums. And as we quickly find out, postpartum completely knocks you. In every sense. Your body is healing, and your mind is scrambled. It is a lot.

Bubba Bump is seriously amazing. Their Labour Prep and Postpartum Recovery Kits, RRP $199, help ease that unexpected pain and discomfort that follows on from having a baby. And they are made for mamas who deliver vaginally or via C-Section, they really have thought of errrything.

Inside you will find things like their signature Bubba Bump Postpartum Disposable Underwear, peri bottles, reusable perineal ice/heat pads and breast ice/heat pads, perineal relief spray and perineal prep oil.

“It means you are properly supported in this season of motherhood, exactly as you should be.”

Plus nipple cream, organic raspberry leaf tea, postpartum recovery wear shorts, witch hazel healing wipes and a postpartum sitz soak [which is next level]!

Being able to pick up a postpartum pack like this takes the stress out of the unknown. And it means you are properly supported in this season of motherhood, exactly as you should be. Leaving you to switch off the blinkers and focus on your new baby and your own recovery.

This is what every new mother deserves. Nothing less. //


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mother, Mother's Day, mama disrupt, marsupi Australia 2. MARSUPI AUSTRALIA

Newborn snugs are just the best. And while holding your baby close helps them feel safe and secure, it also fills mama’s love cup whilst allowing you to get out and about as usual. This is 2022, and a brand that helps a mama remain active and mobile, supporting a woman on her journey whilst also supporting her offspring [literally], is a brand we want in our lives.

Life shouldn’t have to stop when you become a mother, and Marsupi Australia gets this. Which is why their baby carriers are made for all the mamas who want to hold their babies close – whether you’re out, in meetings, seeing friends, ruling the world or chilling at home [they are also a total game changer for mums who just cannot put their babes down and really need two hands… IYKYK].

“Life shouldn’t have to stop when you become a mum.”

These cool baby carriers combine the snugness of a wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier [minus the fiddly buckles and clasps] so you and your baby are safe and supported. Simply fasten it with velcro and you’re ready to go in less than one minute.

Plus, the Marsupi Classic, RRP $189.95, comes in seven beautiful colours and is made from soft, breathable natural fibres, so it is gentle on sensitive skin and perfect for our hot and humid Aussie climate. Obsessed. //


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mother, Mother's Day, mama disrupt, Lula eye mask3. LULA EYE MASK

No one understands tired as much as a mother. It’s a feeling that rests deep in our bones. Which is why rest, in any form, is treated like pure gold. It’s sacred. It’s self-care for your weary soul.

Enter the Lula Eye Mask – levelling up the ‘rest’ game with the most delicious Self-Warming Eye Mask, RRP $29.95. Like a warm hug for your eyes [and your mama mind], these masks starts warming up when you open the packet, releasing one of three soothing scents – Rose, Jasmine and Lavender, to help with sleep, stress relief and eye strain. You can also get them non-scented.

“It’s about taking those pockets of me-time and ditching the mum guilt.”

A first in Australia, launched by Brisbane sisters [and single mums] Aisling and Margaret Cunningham, Lula is all about inspiring other mamas to take those pockets of me-time when possible without the mum guilt.

Having recently also undergone a joint battle with breast cancer while they were still designing the Lula Eye Mask, this is a brand that radiates an ethos of strong women. Fierce AF.

This is a must for your me-time pamper routine! //


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mother, Mother's Day, mama disrupt, the mylk society4. THE MYLK SOCIETY

Our bodies go through sooo many changes, first there is pregnancy and then comes postpartum. It can often feel like we lose our sense of self and who we are. Hell, even getting dressed each day can be a struggle.

Which is why we love The Mylk Society, makers of stylish and practical fashion for new #mumlife. The Mylk Society celebrates a woman’s strength through its designs, so we can feel good about ourselves and not be stressed about getting dressed!

“It can often feel like we lose our sense of self and who we are, which is why it is important to celebrate our bodies.”

Their breastfeeding friendly threads are especially cool, because nursing a baby is the job of a queen, right?

Check out the MAMA breastfeeding t-shirt, RRP $59.99, a staple for your new mother wardrobe. The discreet and stylish design means you can feed comfortably anywhere, anytime. Plus it is super versatile. Pair it with a legging, jean or skirt for hanging at home or heading out with your gal pals. //


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mother, Mother's Day, mama disrupt, etch&ethos


After a looong day of mumming, a hot shower can feel like an at-home spa experience [when you’re not hearing phantom baby cries that is]. Which is why mums, more than anyone on the planet, deserve to pamper themselves and let the fall of the water wash away the toll of the day.

For your shower companion, we are loving etch&ethos for its naturally derived ingredients and how gentle it is on your skin.

“Mums, more than anyone on the planet, deserve to pamper themselves.”

Australian-made, natural, soap-free and pH balanced, the Hydrating Body Wash, RRP $16.50, leaves your skin feeling so soft.

Annnd the bottles are made from 50% recycled milk bottles, so you know you’re looking after the planet at the same time. Yasss.

Make time for a long soak tonight mamacita! //


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