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5 Essentials You Need in Your Self-Care Arsenal

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Self-care has the power to totally flip a mama’s day… IYKYK. Even simple daily rituals like a skincare routine can give you your glow back and have you feeling freshhhh. Annnd with the release of the new b.box body collection, looking after your baby body takes on a whole new meaning.

By Mama Disrupt® in partnership with b.box body

Why? Because you can use b.box body on your goddess bod throughout pregnancy and postpartum, as well as on your bebe’s skin.

Yep, that’s right. Lather yo’selves up and introduce your bundle of love to the deliciousness of self-care. These are the sorts of life lessons they really need to learn.

No more stressing over ingredients lists

When you’re pregnant and breastfeeding, you know that you need to be careful with what you put on your skin. Just like you do with your delicate newborn. You can’t just be slapping on any old lotion. Nope.

So with the new b.box collection of five bathing and skincare essentials, it is E-A-S-Y to gently clean and care for your beautiful body and your baby, because it is loaded with nothing but the good stuff.

“You can use b.box body on your goddess bod throughout pregnancy and postpartum, as well as on your bebe’s skin.”

Plus everything has been made with ethically sourced, cruelty free and vegan friendly earthy ingredients, so you feel good before you’ve even put it on your skin. You know?

The five everyday essentials for your face, body and hair, even come in reusable bottles and jars, with planet-friendly pouches available. And you can easily shop online at b.box or at Chemist Warehouse. Simples.

5 products you can use for both mum and bub [because #self-care]

1 // Lather, rinse, repeat

We love a hard working product and this is that.

Use the cleanse hair + body wash from top to toe, to gently clean your bebe’s delicate skin and hair. Then, once they’re sparkly clean, you can give yourself a once over. Talk about efficient bathing.

This gorge wash will leave you and your bambino feeling silky, silky soft.

The use of aloe vera and Kakadu plum deeply hydrate and help to seal in moisture, while lavender and Roman chamomile have amazeballs anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which are known to calm skin irritation.

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2 // After a long, hard day…

Take the edge off with the soothe soap-free mineral soak.

Your baby might not be able to fully appreciate the power of a beautiful bath, but they will love it none the less.

Because little babies can have very dry, sensitive bodies, this delicate milky bath soak is soap-free and made specifically to look after dry, sensitive skin.

It is infused with kaolin clay to remove impurities and help calm irritated skin without stripping its natural oils, which is really important. Plus the soothing botanical elements of Kakadu plum and jojoba oil help hydrate and support skin repair.

Move over baby, it’s mama’s turn!

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3 // For skin as soft as baby’s

The hydrate all over body lotion really is a powerhouse face + body lotion. You will defo be pinching this one from bub’s bathroom!

Enriched with nutrient-dense Kakadu plum and green tea extract to leave skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. It is also infused with calendula and chamomile to help calm skin, soothe irritation. Bliss.

4 // Self-care… elevated

When some extra care is needed, the nourish body + bath oil will gently moisturise and help leave dry or irritated skin feeling deeply hydrated.

Now this is no humble baby oil, it is the mother of all oils!

Use it for cradle cap. To help loosen dry flakes. For a bonding baby massage. To massage your own growing, stretching preggers belly… Use it all over, really. Because it will replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and help improve hydration, so you will feel simply magical.

For an extra nourishing moisture boost, layer under the hydrate all over body lotion. Talk about looking after yourself!

5 // Nappy change, game changer

No more needing to stop your baby rolling off the change table with your elbow or knee while you struggle to open the barrier cream. Hallelujah!

With the protect nappy + barrier cream, you can keep one hand on your wriggly baby and one hand on the jar. Pump and swipe for a precise dose of barrier cream [GENIUS!], plus no more finger dipping and leftovers stuck under your fingernails!

Not to mention it is infused with natural butters, and lavender and calendula essential oils to help relieve and soothe baby’s sore buns.

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