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Mums everywhere are hailing Charlotte’s drunken rant on ‘And Just Like That…’

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Did you see Charlotte’s glow-up in And Just Like That… ? She has gone from ‘just Mum’ to embracing her true self and it is everything. Seriously, such a mood and so relatable.

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Oh Charlotte Yorke-Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis). Hasn’t she just been the unsung heroine of the mothering world in And Just Like That…? Like so many of us mamas, she’s always been there – waving those metaphorical pom-poms, being the solid rock, the go-to for everything – even during the most awkward of mother-daughter tampon tutorials.

But those sparkling eyes, full of life and love, so often go unnoticed. Especially by her own kin, who are often too engrossed in teenage-angst to see her real worth. For them, she’s just ‘Mum’. But oh, the metamorphosis that awaits.


And Just Like That... Mama Disrupt

Charlotte Season 2.0

Season 2 paints this beautiful journey of Charlotte rediscovering her essence.

Can we take a moment for that weed brownie incident? She inadvertently consumed it and had that monumental realisation that she’s lost touch with herself, the woman she was before ‘Mum’ took over. Honestly, who among us hasn’t felt swallowed up by motherhood, where our roles take center stage and we, the women, the souls, fade into the backdrop?

But Charlotte? She takes the reins and steers her life to Kasabian Art Gallery. There, she’s not just Mum. She’s the formidable woman sealing art deals with the likes of Sam Smith.

She craves those brunches – uninterrupted by children’s calls, wishes her darling Harry (Evan Handler) would step up a little more in the parenting arena, and deeply desires to be recognised for the firecracker she truly is. She wants her ‘main character’ moment, and hasn’t she waited long enough?

And Just Like That... Mama Disrupt

“I was a person before all of you!”

The season’s crescendo is that pivotal moment where Charlotte, in a truly boss move, throws her phone into a pitcher of margaritas. Because she refuses to be boxed into that singular ‘mum‘ role anymore. The highlight? Her declaration to her family, especially Lily’s ‘gross’ comment. “I was a person before all of you!” she exclaims, and every fibre of our being cheers for her. Because YES, she was, and YES, she still is.

The audience has gone wild, and rightfully so. Charlotte’s declaration echoed in the hearts of countless mothers. Not every mum might have that cinematic moment, that fiery stand of asserting oneself, but oh, the sheer liberation it promises!

We’ve been there. It’s not necessarily a game-changer in how your children view you, but it alters your own perception of yourself. It’s like meeting the old you, embracing her, and letting her shine once again.

Yes, being everyone’s go-to cheerleader is a beautiful part of motherhood, but it shouldn’t be the entirety of it. Stepping into the spotlight, reclaiming our narrative, and being the main character of our own story? Now that, mamas, is something worth striving for.

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