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Not just morning sickness – 10 surprising pregnancy side effects

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Discover the surprising twists and turns of pregnancy side effects that go beyond the usual morning sickness – some might even surprise you.

By Charlotte Cruz

So, you’re expecting! You’ve probably heard all about the typical symptoms like morning sickness and back pain. But hold on, the pregnancy roller coaster has a few more curves you might not be expecting.

Let’s delve into ten lesser-known side effects that could surprise you on your nine-month journey.

1. Ouch, My Boobs

Here’s the deal: your body is setting up a milk factory, and your breasts are the main facility. With the hormones, increased blood flow, and fat storage, your girls could go from sensitive to “don’t even look at them” sore.

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2. Leg Cramps That Wake the Dead

You’re about to fall into a deep sleep or enjoy some downtime, and—BAM!—a leg cramp strikes. Fatigue, dehydration, or even a magnesium deficiency could be to blame. Hydration and some leg stretches usually help.

3. Oh, Hemorrhoids

No one likes talking about them, but hey, up to half of all pregnant women get them. Your growing uterus and potential constipation can really take a toll on those rectal veins. But here’s the silver lining: they usually disappear after you give birth.

4. Hand Drama: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Feeling tingles or numbness in your hands? Pregnancy-induced fluid retention can press on the median nerve, causing carpal tunnel symptoms. Usually kicking in during the second trimester, it’s not fun but it’s manageable. Think about cutting down on activities that make it worse and maybe see a physiotherapist for some relief strategies.

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5. The Drool Factor

Suddenly find yourself salivating like you’re in front of a five-course meal—even when you’re not? Hormones are likely the culprits messing with your salivary glands. Just one of pregnancy’s quirky little gifts!

6. Scratch That Itch

You might become best buddies with your moisturiser thanks to your ever-itchy skin. And if you notice severe itching—especially on your palms or feet—do talk to your healthcare provider. It could be a sign of a liver condition called cholestasis.

7. Foot Growth Spurt

No, you’re not imagining things. Those shoes that fit you perfectly last month? They might feel a tad snug now. Blame it on the hormone relaxin, which not only loosens your pelvic ligaments but also makes your feet go, “Hey, let’s spread out!” Yep, you might just need to go shopping for bigger shoes—and this change could be permanent.

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8. The Bathroom Saga Continues: Constipation

That wonderful progesterone hormone, so good at relaxing your uterus, also makes your intestines super lazy. The result? Constipation. The fix? Load up on fiber and drink water like it’s your job.

9. The Eternal Flame: Heartburn

The same hormone that’s making your intestines slack is also relaxing the muscle that keeps stomach acid where it belongs. And voila, you’ve got heartburn. Oh, the joys!

10. Sniff, Sniff. Who’s Stuffy?

Is your nose suddenly staging a rebellion? You can thank estrogen for swelling up your mucus membranes. Sometimes it even throws in a free nosebleed as a bonus.

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Your Pregnancy, Your Story

Remember, every pregnancy is a unique adventure. You might experience some of these symptoms, all of them, or find yourself dealing with other quirks entirely. Got concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider. Better safe than sorry, right? Happy baby-growing!

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