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Redsbaby Has a Brand New Look and We’re Totally Here for it

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Three new prams and one cool new vibe… Redsbaby is coming in HOT!

By Mama Disrupt®

Are you someone who checks out other mamas’ prams? You know, when you’re on your morning walk, triple shot caramel latte in one hand, pushing the pram with the other, and you walk past another mum + bub. That casual glance to check out their wheels.

Same here, babe. And you’re not alone. Because we appreciate what goes into finding that perfect pram – it is a BIG part of our lives for the first few years.

  • When baby is fussing [and mama needs some air] so you go for a walk.
  • When nap time comes around too soon and you’re still out and about.
  • For catchups with your bestie and you need to contain your wild child until you’ve finished your coffee.
  • When you’re running errands with your boo and you need two hands.

“Having the perfect pram is L-I-F-E.”

Which is why Redsbaby has been a firm fav among mamas for years. And they are about to call in a whole new cult following with the release of not one, but three, brand new prams. OMG!

Designed right here in Australia, these prams are absolutely gorge. And they have all the right features you need to make your #mumlife easier. Which is something we all need. Right?

JIVE⁵ Pram

redsbaby, Mama DisruptYou asked and Redsbaby has more than delivered. Because there are more than 20 design updates to this increds new pram – it really is better than everrr!

Top upgrades of the JIVE⁵ include:

1 // High-performance wheels for an even smoother and comfier ride for your babe.

2 // Improved chassis design, complete with a larger storage space and more room for a toddler in the second seat… the JIVE⁵ really is an investment if you plan to have more kids in the future. Yah!

3 // A lighter frame and slimline design make it easier to get around with your pram [no more side swiping cafe chairs and clothes racks when you’re out and about], plus it is now wayyy easier to lift it in and out of your car, and carry it up and down stairs.

4 // A new and wider brake paddle make it easier to flick the brake on and off.

5 // It also looks the business, with textured leatherette and metal detailing.

For fans of the current JIVE³ range, Redsbaby has also kept some of its fav award-winning features, including the innovative fold with seat attached, the conversion to carry two kids with the addition of a toddler seat, the inclusion of the bassinet for overnight sleeping, car capsule compatibility, puncture-proof wheels, and XL sun canopy.redsbaby, Mama Disrupt


JIVE⁵ Platinum Pram

redsbaby, Mama DisruptLove all of the functions of the JIVE⁵ but want to level it up in the style department? Simples. Introducing the JIVE⁵ Platinum.

With exclusive chrome detailing, custom zipper pulls, black leatherette accents and ink-black twill fabrics, you will be treating the pavement like your very own catwalk. Get it, girl!redsbaby, Mama Disrupt



redsbaby, Mama DisruptJust like the JIVE⁵, the METRO⁵ has had 20+ design updates, including new high-performance wheels, ergonomic harness design, foot brake and trend-inspired designer fabrics.

Plus, the compact fold with seat attached makes it a dream to fit in the car or store at home.

Some of our fav METRO⁵ upgrades include:

1 // The new stylish aesthetic, which is inspired by the latest trends. Seriously, we are crushing on the pecan-brown leatherette and marle materials.

2 // The METRO⁵ Pram’s wheels have been totally re-engineered from the inside out. Which means they have even better suspension, durability and manoeuvrability. Comfy for your boo and easy for you to push around… which is essential because you pretty much need to always keep one hand free as a mama. Ya know?

3 // This pram is super light and compact, which makes lifting it in and out of your car, and carrying it up and down stairs E-A-S-Y. So you don’t feel like you’re practically doing an F45 workout every time you pick it up. Yayyy.

4 // With the new ergonomic, single slider harness system, you can adjust the height of the shoulder straps in just seconds – which is great when you have a wriggly baby you’re trying to keep snuggly safe.

5 // A new wider brake paddle means you can quickly and easily click the brake on and off [yep, even when wearing open-toe shoes].

In making this pram their best ever, Redsbaby has also kept some of the best award-winning features from the current METRO³ including the fold with seat attached feature, XL basket, reversible and reclinable ergonomic seat, bassinet for overnight sleeping, car capsule compatibility, XL extendable and breathable sun canopy, puncture-proof wheels and telescopic handlebar.redsbaby, Mama Disrupt