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‘Thank you for holding me’… a love letter to mama

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If our beautiful babies could talk, they would say… ‘Thank You, Mama’. Author Louise Kerwin’s beautiful words speak to our soul. *Cue the tears*

By Louise Kerwin

As I surrender into life’s ease and flow

I come upon rest in your arms

As my head falls back upon your shoulder

A calmness overflows

You hold me gently but firmly

So I feel protected, and safe

That all life may throw at us I can rest within your arms

I can rest my weary head and move with life’s grace

Knowing you have my back

My heart and soul wrapped in your arms so safe

So thank you, for holding me

Protecting me and loving me in life’s grace

The sigh that escapes my lips

The sigh of trust so profound

Knowing I am safe in the surrounding of your arms

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A little note from us, here at Mama Disrupt®

Motherhood can be all consuming and quite often feel like a thankless ‘job’.

So sometimes stopping and thinking about all that you do for your children can give you a little reminder that YOU are amazing. That YOU make the world turn. And if you pay close attention, they do say thank you in their own special way.

You got this, mama.

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