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The butterfly bob haircut is Spring’s must-have hair trend

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The butterfly bob haircut is set to be a huge trend this season, with celebs Jenna Ortega and Zendaya showing us how it’s done. 

By Mama Disrupt®

Has it been a while since you’ve spent some time in the hair chair? Or maybe you’re just ready to mix things up from the usual mum bun.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a bit of a ‘hair rut’ (and we’ve all been there!), the butterfly bob could just be the answer you’re looking for to breathe new life into your look.

The butterfly bob is the traditional bob’s more flirty sister and it has well and truly made its mark already – with global Google searches for ‘butterfly bob’ up 93.8%, and the hashtag picking up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok. 

So we asked the expert hair stylists at London hair salon, Top One, to share everything you need to know before you embrace the style yourself.

butterfly bob, mama disrupt

What is the butterfly bob?

Hairstylists are seeing requests for much more natural, untamed looks this year. Mullet inspired wolf cuts are gaining popularity, as well as choppy layers, wispy bangs – and now the butterfly bob.

The butterfly bob is just a more flexible, laid back version of your standard bob. It plays with layers and lengths with a lot less structure, allowing the hair to frame the face more naturally.

The term ‘butterfly’ bob comes from its face framing, feathered layers and curtain bangs. Which can resemble butterfly wings that allow for some serious movement.

Pro tip: Find an image of someone with the look you want (bonus points if they have a similar face shape) and the hair length that you’re after.

Would the style suit me?

The butterfly bob suits various hair textures and face shapes. But the cut needs to be adapted to complement each person perfectly. 

Round or square shaped face: Opt for a wavy, middle part that will bring attention to the centre of your face. This creates the illusion of a longer shape. We also recommend wave spray, to give the cut more movement with this face shape. 

Oval shaped face: Allow the layers to flow and sweep away from your face. Opt for chin or just below chin length, for an off centre diamond-like effect. Whilst this length can often appear too voluminous if not styled correctly, the addition of feathered layers that work with your hair’s natural texture will achieve a look that is face-framing and flattering.

Heart shaped face: Chin length curls can help soften your face and add some movement. It also creates fullness around your jawline, bringing balance and symmetry to a heart-shaped face.

When it comes to different types of hair texture, go to a professional with experience in this style who can incorporate texturising techniques into your chops.

Hot tools, volumising sprays and mousse may be needed to maintain the style for finer, thinner hair. With thick and coarse hair, the ‘butterfly wing’ effect can be more challenging. But certainly not off limits. The key is to keep the layers long enough to allow room for shrinkage, and cutting according to your face shape.

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