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The four products to change up your bath time routine

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When Go-To founder and mother-of-two Zoë Foster Blake realised she’d trust only her own Go-To products on her children whenever their dry, flaky, rashy or red skin flared up, her inspo was staring her right in the face. “Why isn’t there a Go-To for kids?” she asked herself. “A range of efficacious, clean products for children that parents could trust, and kids would actually want to use.”

Gro-To is a range of practical, uncomplicated and calming bath and body care that’s rich with regenerative, soothing botanical oils and butters to give even very delicate, unpredictable, or stinky skin a chance to be soft and problem-free.

All products are pH-balanced for infant skin, and free from synthetics, harsh soaps, silicones, SLS, and all the usual skincare nasties. After all, if grown-ups are picky about what they put on their skin, our kids deserve all the healthy, natural stuff too.

Zoë knew a lot of her followers and Go-To customers had littlies, partly cos they were forever asking her which products she used on her kids, what she trusted enough to recommend. Zoë was also aware of how ho-hum the baby and kid bath and body market was. Her home, and particularly her children’s bedrooms and wardrobes are full of bright colour, rad toys and cool imagery, but their bath and skin products were always white and plain, or covered in small baby ducks or bunnies.

So why can’t baby and kids’ skincare be as fun and playful as the rest of the stuff in their world?

It can! Gro-To is intended to ooze fun and colourfully enrich a child’s life, rather than feel like a tedious interruption from the world of grown-ups.

“I want to give children a sense of ownership about their body, and what’s used on it. We have made something kids can clearly identify as theirs, because it is theirs.” We LOVE.

gro-to mama disrupt

The four skincare products you need for your bambino


Dry, rashy, cranky skin demands a bit of magic. A calming, ultra-nourishing oil that works magic on itchy little bodies. The blend of eight gentle botanical oils sinks in fast to replenish and soothe the dermis. Use on damp skin, as a massage oil, or as needed on patches needing some TLC.


Transforms rough rascals into squishy softies. A plant-based body moisturiser with a unique blend of seven plant extracts, which nourishes, comforts and softens even very sensitive and problem-prone skin. Use all over, every day.

gro-to mama disrupt

No more night frights! A super calming lavender-scented room spray created to blast those boogeymen goodbye. Spray before bed and mist away all your dread.

gro-to mama disrupt
4 // SUD BUD

Super soft suds for stinky little sods. A gentle, plant-based baby and kids’ body cleanser with zillions of bubbles, but no harsh foaming agents or pesty irritants. Soft, clean skin. That’s the thing.

gro-to mama disrupt 

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