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The Kids’ Car Accessories You Should Never Go on a Road Trip Without

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If you’ve ever been on a road trip with little ones packed into the car, you’ll surely know that the journey can quickly take a turn for the worst if you’re not prepared.

So, do you have visions of a road trip with the windows rolled down, breeze in your hair and tunes turned up with the entire fam bam smiling and singing along? Yep, that will be but a dream if you don’t pack certain things for the trip. Think snacks, activities, smart phones loaded with shows, battery power and clever car accessories.

That last one is a definite MUST (especially if you have a bubba)! No one wants to stop the car endlessly to check to see if your bub is ok when there are clever, mama-friendly products to help you do that from the front seat.

Designed to work like a dream, look good and be easy to use (that’s important!), first up is the Brica from Munchkin mirrors.

Baby in car seat with Brica by Munchkin mirror Ensuring everything from road trips to errands are less hectic, the Brica mirrors make it much easier to safely keep an eye on little ones in the car while driving with a simple glance in the rear-view mirror. This is all the more important in those precious early months of infancy when your bundle of joy is rear facing.

Not just for mamas to check on little ones, but the mirrors also mean the child can see the driver, which provides comfort while travelling.

If you’re interested in making your road trips even more comfortable for your little ones, you might want to look into Brica’s other clever car products, such as the range of Brica sun shades from Munchkin. These shades help to block direct sunlight (and harmful UVA and UVB rays) to keep little ones comfortable in the back seat.

Girl in car seat with Brica by Munchkin sun shade on windowIn fact, Brica and Munchkin have all of your travelling in the car or pram essentials covered. There’s a car seat protector, called the Seat Guardian, to keep spilt snacks and little hands post-snacks from damaging your upholstery. Because god know snacks are a must on car journeys to keep the meltdowns at bay. The seat protectors even help to minimise unwanted car safety seat movement.

Amid life’s hustle and bustle it’s always a plus when you can add a little fun and peace of mind to your journey. So grab the snacks, your Brica mirror, shade and seat protector (and anything else that will keep that smile on your face and the meltdowns at bay) and get set for a summer full of road trips and adventures.

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