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We have a lil *big* announcement!

This year, we’ve made the exciting decision to take MD® to the next level.

We’ve seen how your love for our digital issue has grown exponentially over the past four years, so it’s time we move to a completely 24/7 accessible model for you, continuing to bring you all our usual increds stories, features and sass via four digital issues a year, together with mamadisrupt.com. That’s right mama, we’re going 100% digital!

Now, you’ll be able to read ALL our features whenever you want (hello night feeding) with absolute immediacy via your phone, tablet or desktop.

And there’s more…

From this day forward we’ll be covering the cost of every magazine issue!

Yah mama, this means that you’ll be able to devour every delicious page of Mama Disrupt® without restriction at no $ charge to yourself. Yasssss girl! This is on us.

Now EVERY MOTHER in Australia and globally will be able to access Mama Disrupt® without barriers.

I cannot tell you how this makes me feel.

When I started Mama Disrupt® in December 2016, I did so because I wanted to create a publication that would support and champion all women to live motherhood on their own terms. It was my dream to create a magazine for the modern mother that would allow us to be the best version of ourselves, without apology.

It was my goal to break down barriers, to give mothers a voice, to empower women around the world so that we could grow and evolve on our journeys. It was my goal to inspire adventure as we raised our families. It was my goal to create a haven of good vibes and soul-satisfying mama positivity.

This was my why. And this is now our why.

And so, by being able to offer open access to Mama Disrupt®, we’re going to be able to truly meet this goal of ours – to best serve you. It’s a goosebump moment for us, and makes my heart swell with pride that we got here. We’re pumped!

It’s going to be epic to give you what you want, when you want, where you want!

Whether you’re growing your bump, curled up with your newborn, up at night with your baby, juggling your toddler, rocking it out as a school mama, or just being YOU, we’ve got you boo.

To never miss an issue subscribe at mamadisrupt.com/mama-mail, plus join us on Instagram and Facebook.

You can ACCESS OUR NEW ISSUE NOW at mamadisrupt.com/issue-17 – no $ charge mama, we’ll get this! [Who doesn’t deserve a night with Tom after all?]

Live your best life with your mini crew around you.

It’s time to curl up with a hot cuppa, swipe off your apps and switch on Mama Disrupt®.

Together we rise and rise and rise.

Jess x