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What are the Day 3 Baby Blues and what can you expect?

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Have you heard of the Day 3 Baby Blues? Let’s look at what it’s about, why it happens, and how to handle it like the total rockstar you are.

By Ava Wilde

Oh, the joys of new motherhood. One minute you’re beaming at your beautiful baby, and the next, you’re sobbing into your well-deserved ice cream. Welcome to the Day 3 Baby Blues, a wild and unpredictable experience that hits many new mums.

Day 3 Baby Blues is like the uninvited guest at the new-mum party, but guess what? You can totally handle this. It’s messy, it’s real, and it’s part of the beautiful chaos of motherhood.

Embrace the highs, the lows, the laughter, and the tears. Reach out to those around you and don’t forget to be kind to yourself. You’re doing an amazing job, and you’re part of a club filled with wonderful, strong, and resilient mums just like you.


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Why Does This Even Happen?

Ever felt like your emotions had emotions? That’s the Day 3 Baby Blues in a nutshell. Here’s why:

  1. Hormones are all over the place: Just like a hormone dance party gone wrong. Once that baby is out, your hormones crash, and emotions go haywire.
  2. All the feels, all at once: You made a person. A PERSON! That’s huge, and the emotional toll is just as big.
  3. Who’s got my back?: Sometimes, support from those around you might be lacking, and loneliness sneaks in.
  4. Breastfeeding is no joke: Your milk comes in, and suddenly, breastfeeding feels like a test you didn’t study for.

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What’s it Like? A Real Talk

This isn’t a Hallmark movie; this is real life. Here’s what you might feel:

Mood swings for days: Happy one minute, crying the next. It’s a wild ride!

Why is everything annoying?: Suddenly, the sound of a tap dripping is the worst thing ever.

Constant worries: Every noise the baby makes? Yup, you’re on it.

Random sadness: Why are you sad? Who knows? But it’s there.

Sleepless nights: Even if the baby’s asleep, you might be wide awake, listing all your to-dos.

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Handling it Like a Mum-Boss

You’ve got this, mama! Here’s how to rock those Day 3 Baby Blues:

Feel your feelings: They’re there, they’re real, embrace them.

Buddy up: Talk to friends, family, or even online groups. You’re not alone.

Self-care isn’t selfish: Take time for YOU. Seriously, do it.

Go with the flow: Make plans but keep them loose. Flexibility is key.

Partner chat time: Let your partner know what’s up, and share the load.

Professional help if needed: Sometimes, a pro is what you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Some Extra Tips

Here are a few more gems to help you through:

Celebrate the wins: Diaper changed without a mess? Victory! Baby slept for more than an hour? Party time!

Photos and journals: Sometimes, capturing these moments can help you reflect and see how far you’ve come.

Remember, it’s temporary: This too shall pass, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

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