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Why being a mother isn’t always easy

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Author and mum-of-three Emma Heaphy shares a real and raw account of motherhood. Being a mother isn’t always easy, but we wouldn’t change it.

By Emma Heaphy

Being a mother isn’t always easy,
But I wouldn’t change it.
Not a single thing.
Not the tired.
Not the relentlessness.
Not the hard.
No matter how tiring, relentless or hard it can be.
Because that’s where all learning starts.
That’s where the growth happens.
That’s where fulfilment is born.

Being a mother isn’t what I expected,
But I wouldn’t change it.
Because it’s so much more.
It’s the grounding.
It’s the purpose.
It’s the fullest kind of love.
It’s where you find what matters, where you lose what doesn’t, it’s the love that bursts all barriers and fills the cracks.
It’s finding my feet for them always.
It’s pouring myself into them and watching them grow.
It’s struggling to remember what life was before them, and not wanting to go back no matter how messy it gets now.

Being a mother isn’t all I am,
But it’s who I am.
It’s in my step.
It’s in my core.
It’s in every single thing I do.
It’s who I’ve been born into, and is more than a name. It’s in every thought, decision and act.
It’s most of everything I am right now.
It’s me for them.
It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Being a mother.
It’s a lot.
There’s always a lot.
There’s a whole lot of a lot all at once.
But it’s the load of love that lights up my heart, speaks to my soul, and carries me through.
It’s everything right now.
And I wouldn’t change a thing.

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