World Mental Health Day, Mama Disrupt

10 habits for a happy mind on World Mental Health Day (and every day)

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Embrace World Mental Health Day with daily habits that uplift, inspire, and sprinkle joy into our ever-busy lives.

By Mama Disrupt®

Hey there, lovely human. Let’s have a little natter about mental health, shall we? In this whirlwind life where our to-do lists never seem to shrink, it’s vital to take a pause and give our mind some TLC. So, let’s chat about some daily habits to keep our minds sparkly and our spirits high, especially in honour of World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day, Mama Disrupt

1. Morning rituals with a twist

Okay, let’s be real. Waking up to find peace can be a rarity, especially when your alarm clock is a lively toddler or a hangry baby. But, darling, a five-minute stretch or a quick mindfulness session before the madness? Game changer! Your day might still be a wild roller-coaster, but starting with intention gives it a sunny start.

2. The power of “thanks!”

Ever tried jotting down three things you’re grateful for before bed? It might sound like an extra chore, but trust us, it’s a mood lifter. It could be anything – from your child’s unexpected drawing of “mummy” (even if it’s just a blob) to that yum slice of cheesecake you devoured. It’s the small joys that count.

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3. Get chatty

Nothing like a good chinwag with a mate, right? Sometimes, it’s those impromptu catch-ups or hilarious group chats that bring the biggest smiles. So, reach out, share a giggle or a moan – it’s therapeutic.

4. Self love isn’t selfish

You need to put yourself on your priority list. It’s not just about bubble baths and face masks (although, big fan here). It’s also about taking a breather, diving into that juicy novel, or just zoning out for a bit. It’s your time, and you’ve earned it.

World Mental Health Day, Mama Disrupt

5. Find your gang

You know those people who just get you? Hold onto them. Whether it’s your yoga group, fellow school gate mums, or just your old pals, having a squad to lean on and laugh with is pure gold.

6. Wiggle and jiggle

Exercise doesn’t always mean sweating buckets. Pop on your fav track and have a mini dance party in your living room. Trust me, those feel-good vibes will come flooding in, plus it’s a hoot.

World Mental Health Day, Mama Disrupt

7. Foodie delights for the mind

We love a good cake (who doesn’t?), but sprinkling in those greens and nutritious nibbles does wonders for the mood. Think of it as brain food with a sprinkle of fun!

8. Digital detox, anyone?

Screens, screens, everywhere! How about a little break? Like, a puzzle night or just sitting down with a cuppa and a mag. Your mind will thank you for the breather.

World Mental Health Day, Mama Disrupt

9. A bit of the outdoors indoors

There’s something magical about fresh air and green spaces. Even if it’s just a pot of basil on your windowsill or a short amble around the neighbourhood, nature has this cool calming effect. Give it a whirl!

10. It’s okay not to be okay

And hey, if things get heavy, remember there’s no harm in seeking a helping hand. Chat with a mate, see a counsellor, or just share. Talking helps, promise.

So, lovely one, while life is busy being its unpredictable self, remember to sprinkle in some of these habits. After all, World Mental Health Day is a little nudge to remind us to take care of our fabulous selves! Cheers to a healthy, happy mind!

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