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[Guest Editor] Angela Simson: 7 ways to reduce your stress

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There will always be times in life when stress takes over and life seems too hard. Try these tips to get you back on track…

By Angela Simson

Stress takes over and life almost seems too hard. These can be the times when you turn to old comforts and growth inhibiting habits to survive, believing they will reduce your stress.

Naughty foods as a blanket for your feelings, hitting snooze a few too many times because you feel that you deserve the treat of a sleep in.

It may seem at the time like this is all a good idea, that you’re nurturing yourself through a stressful time, but this is the fact opposite of what you really need to be doing when times are tough.

The times when you feel like giving up on your routine and self-care are usually the times you need it most.

Times like these you need a clear mind that isn’t fogged up by junk food, a strong body so you can stand firm in your beliefs and a self-care practice to remind yourself daily that taking care of you is still a top priority in your life.

But if those aren’t habits that are firm in your life right now, here are seven ways you can take care of yourself during times of stress.


stress, mama disrupt

1. Take some deep belly breaths every single morning

It starts your day off in a calm way and helps to move everything around after a long night’s sleep.

2. Pick an affirmation and repeat it through the day

It can be self involved or based around a situation. An affirmation on acceptance is always helpful when you’re struggling with misunderstanding a situation or control.

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3. Start your day with warm water and lemon

This will insure your insides are getting some nourishment if all goes downhill for the remainder of the day. It’s also helpful to have a routine to follow each day around your wellbeing.

4. Don’t allow yourself to starve

Hunger can lead to bad choices. Carry some nuts and seeds, fruit or bliss balls with you so that you don’t get overly hangry!

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5. Keep organised

Making lists of what needs to be done, or what you want to accomplish daily can take some stress off you. Being organised is a controlled and smart way of handling stress.

6. Treat yourself daily

At the end of each day, reflect on how you’ve treated yourself. This can be through a loving body massage after your shower. A warm bath. Or a bit of raw chocolate after dinner. Do something each day for you that makes you happy.

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7. Stop trying

Do what you happily and easily can until things become a little less stressful or hectic. Don’t ‘try’ to get stuff done, do what you can and what feels right and the rest can wait.

Most importantly, nurture yourself. This is your life and you really need to trust that you can take care of yourself when it’s needed most.

These techniques will work for the small daily stresses and they will help you through really hard times. Just remember to be present, grateful and always working on your own health and wellbeing also.

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