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4 reasons why adults love ordering from the kids’ menu

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Tempted by ordering from the kids’ menu? From pocket-friendly prices to portion control, let’s dish on this tasty trend.

By Ava Wilde

So, you’ve been sneakin’ a peek at the kids’ menu, huh? Thinking about ordering that adorable mini cheeseburger? Gosh, it looks yum! Let’s chat about why the trend of ordering from the kids’ menu is taking off.

1. Perfect Portions

Seriously, who decided adult portions should feed a family of five? Sometimes a gal just needs a smaller plate. Great for the waistline and, let’s be real, sometimes we just aren’t that hungry.

2. Simple is Oh-So-Delish

Look, not every meal needs to be gourmet. Sometimes the heart just wants a simple mac n’ cheese without all the truffle oil and garnishes. No shame!

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3. That Price, Honey

Saving some dollars? The kids’ menu has our back. More money for those shoes you’ve been eyeing.

4. Better for the environment

Less food waste is always a win. If you can’t finish a jumbo adult meal, this might just be your jam.

So if you’re vibing with the kids’ menu and dreaming about those dino nuggets, you do you. Because mama, you deserve all the deliciousness, no matter where it comes from on the menu.

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