MAMA LOVES: Which Breast Pump is Best for You?

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Many mamas will look to use a breastfeed pump to express their breastmilk at some time, whether it be those returning to work, while travelling or at home.

According to The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for women, Infants and Children (WIC), studies indicate that women find expressing unpleasant, because breast pumps can be noisy and users have to bare their breasts.

Cue, the award-winning Difrax Breast Pump! This innovative breast pump can really make a difference to mama’s lives and ensure the experience is a pleasant and comfortable one, and best of all? It can be used hands-free!

How Does it Work?

The Difrax Breast Pump has an inconspicuous shell, which can be placed underneath the bra, so mamas can express discreetly. The bottle, which hygienically catches the breast milk, can be put on a table or sofa for added convenience. Love!

The breast pump can also be powered by mains supply and batteries, making it easily portable for busy mamas on the go. After use, the breast pump is easy to clean. The tubes can be flushed through with water or sterilised in a (Difrax) microwave steriliser.

We Love the Difrax Breast Pump because…

  • Mamas can express breast milk discretely at any given time or location
  • The breast pump is silent and handsfree.
  • It can express in two modes with 8 adjustable levels of suction strength.
  • Operates on AC power or batteries for added convenience.
  • The display indicates the precise duration of expressing breast milk.

Impressed? Purchase the Difrax breastfeed pump from these leading retailers: kidslifestyle.com.au; BabyMode; Baby Village; BubsnGrubs; Baby Junction; and other selected baby stores and pharmacies.

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