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A dreamy kid’s bedroom design that will last well into the teen years

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Looking for the ideal #inspo to create a kid’s bedroom that will see your daughter through from childhood to her teens? This is it.

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When the time came to update eight-year-old Stevie’s room, her mama Sarita knew she wanted a soft, feminine space for her firstborn, the only girl of three kiddies (Stevie also has twin brothers, Kip and Bowie).

“She’s in that in-between stage where she knows what she wants,” Sarita says. “Her wishlist included lots of white, a bit of wood, some plants and a little bit of pink. I wanted something she’d still love when she’s 12 or 13.”

Striking that delicate balance can be tricky, but we reckon Stevie’s mama nailed it with this gorge kid’s bedroom.

kid's bedroom, stevie's space mama disrupt
Why was doing a special space important to you?

I think every child needs their own personal space that they love and enjoy being in. Stevie is always creating, loves to sketch and now spends hours at her built in desk drawing.

What made you decide the theme/colours/ideas for this space, particularly as a kid’s bedroom?

Stevie is a simple girl, doesn’t like too much fuss and is a wise old soul. It was very important to me that her room looked like it could be for an eight-year-old but still perfect for a teen.

stevie's space mama disrupt
What looks/items are you in love with at the moment?

My home is quite scandi and although I love it, we’ve been here for seven years so I’m starting to dream of change. I love lots of different styles but I feel like my taste always goes back to bohemian, Moroccan or coastal in terms of interior style.

What do you love about being a mama?

When I first became a mama, I wasn’t sure I’d be any good at it. I knew I was great with dogs, but wasn’t so sure about babie! I had 3 children in 10 months so the first four years were tough. But every day, I’ve become more and more confident as a mum and I actually think I’m pretty good at it. I certainly make mistakes but I love being a mum with every inch of my being.

kid's bedroom, stevie's space mama disrupt
How has your life changed since having children?

I rely heavily on coffee and sometimes my house looks like a bull has run through it but I wouldn’t change a thing. The best thing in the world is being Stevie, Kip and Bowie’s mama.

What do you wish you knew before becoming a mama?

I wish I knew how difficult travel would become. I would have done a lot more of it had I known it wouldn’t be as easy as packing your bags and heading off without worrying about responsibilites, time away from school, and the extra costs of travelling with three kids.

stevie's space mama disrupt
What do you find most challenging about motherhood?

High expectations to be everything and do everything perfectly. I find it near impossible to maintain a tidy house and have my kids looking cute and stylish, I’ve resorted to allowing them to have them develop their own style and pick their own outfits.

How do you deal with mother’s guilt?

I try not to feel guilty. I used to get the guilts leaving my children at home with a babysitter to go for my twice-yearly hair colour appointment but I’m a lot gentler on myself now that the kids are getting older.

What’s your best piece of motherhood advice?

Trust your Gut. Don’t read too many parenting books!

stevie's space mama disrupt


  1. The built in desk and shelving “It has been incredibly handy as Stevie is a budding little artist”.
  2. The beautiful bedhead “It really adds a ‘Wow factor’ to the space.
  3. The stunning shell chandelier “It’s just so pretty”.
  4. The wallpaper “It added just the right amount of colour to an otherwise white space”.
  5. The rug and Bunny Prints “They soften the space and add a touch of ‘childhood’ to an otherwise age-neutral space”.

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