7 mood-boosting tips to beat the winter blues

As the temperatures plummet during winter months, it’s very common that our moods take a little bit of battering, too. Unless you live in a part of Australia where the sun is always shining (jealous much!). 

Rose Smith, from Absolute Soul Secrets, says you’re not alone if you have noticed a bit of an emotional (and physical let down) this winter.

“You may have noticed waking up in the morning feeling a little flat because of the colder conditions and the decreased light,” says Rose.

“About 30 per cent of Australians report their mood drops during the colder months of the year, the mood shift can include feeling lethargic, finding it harder to wake up in the morning and craving comfort food.”

Who who has time for feeling flat? Definitely not you, mama! While it’s ok to have off days and not feel yourself, I think you’ll agree you’d prefer to wake up and get out of bed feeling pretty badass. And ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

The good news is, with the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) behind us now, our energy levels will start to rise once more.

To ensure you make it through the last of the winter months with a smile on your dial, here Rose shares her tips on how to beat the winter blues with some mood-boosting tips.

1 // Go outside

Half of all Australians are vitamin-D deficient because they don’t get enough sunlight. Spend 20 minutes outside every day and you’ll notice a difference in mood.

2 // Keep moving

It’s important to stay active during the colder months so you don’t let the feelings of being flat take over and remain with you for the whole of winter.

3 // Stay hydrated

Most people don’t tend to drink as much water in winter because it’s so cold. Heat it up to a lukewarm temperature helping you to drink enough.

4 // Rest up

Winter is a period of hibernation so getting enough sleep is very important to maintain our energy levels through the colder months.

5 // Find a hobby

Pick up interests like art or music that are more homebound and less stressful.

6 // Spend time on yourself

Pamper yourself, spend time in meditation and look after yourself more (um, you don’t need to tell us twice!). Also, pay special attention to nourish your body with your diet.

7 // Balanced life

Have plenty of time alone to think and reflect without distraction of phones, computers and other people. During the rest of the time, spend it with family and friends.

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