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4 Reasons Why We Love Ribs & Dust

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Who doesn’t love a good love story? Well believe me when I say that the tale of Simon and Jade Goodburn is going to make you MELT.

“When I decided that I wanted to propose to Jade, I took it upon myself (in secret) to begin to learn the art of gold-smithing in the hope of forging my own engagement ring,” Simon says. “After around nine months of upskilling with master jewellers I had the skill required to put my design together.”

Simon made a stunning woven white gold design for Jade, with a Champagne Diamond centerpiece and Ceylon Sapphire accent stones. O-M-G. Told you they were something spesh!

These two gorge beings have been married for nearly seven years and while the engagement ring is something the pair will treasure forever, it was the accidental discovery of a deep passion for traditional hand forged jewellery making, which lead them to an increds business idea.

“It quickly evolved from a romantic idea and hobby into a deep love for the contemporary creation of modern heirlooms, a lifelong pursuit, crafting unique pieces for people all over the world.”

ribs and dust mama disrupt

Ribs & Dust makes the most ah-mazing bespoke handmade jewellery for both men and women and it’s absolutely going off! Especially among the mamas, who love being able to carry a little piece of their minis around with them, and forever keep them close to their hearts. But while Ribs & Dust is keeping Simon and Jade very busy, Jade is about to finish her Law Degree (you go girl!) and Simon also runs an expedition company with his father-in-law. “We are both Polar Specialists and have had the opportunity to document our journeys which have aired globally on National Geographic and other adventure channels. Strange combo, but it works beautifully for us!”

With such a rad story behind this Australian brand, there’s so much to love about Ribs & Dust, but here are some other reasons why we’re crushing on them big time.

ribs and dust mama disrupt
1 // All of their work is one-of-a-kind

Everything they make is hand-crafted in their Currumbin Valley studio, and Simon says every piece starts with a conversation to find out more about who they’re creating the piece for and what the special occasion is. “Then we go to work sourcing materials. It’s of supreme importance to us, to find the most unique and high quality jewels and metal available for each project. The design will evolve according to the individual characteristics of the material we decide to work with. From there, we sketch up some concepts, confirm the design and start crafting!” And that’s when the magic happens.

ribs and dust mama disrupt
2 // You can turn your own ideas into cool jewellery

While Simon is the one on the tools physically making these gorge pieces, it’s very much a collab. So this means it really is your ideas coming to life – a way to capture some of your most precious moments and fav people. We love!

ribs and dust mama disrupt
3 // You can carry your family close to you, always

One of our fav things about Ribs & Dust is their Impressions range, which means you can literally press the fingerprint from your baby-daddy, bambinos or other special peeps in your life and have them turned into rad jewellery. “My mum used to have a fingerprint necklace made from silver that I had fond memories of. It was my fingerprint impression, as well as my three siblings’ impressions,” Simon says. “I thought it would be so special to create an heirloom quality adaptation of this concept. We’ve spent the past three years or so, experimenting and finally discovering a process that gave us the kinds of results we would be happy to share. Every impression is unique, some deeply etched and intense and others soft, subtle and flowing. The essence of these impression pieces is preserving a moment in time – one that will be cherished beyond our lifetimes.”

ribs and dust mama disrupt
4 // It’s the perfect way to treat yo’self

Most often it starts with buying something special for a loved one, and then the addiction starts and you dream up something for yourself, too! And why not? Being a mum is the MAKING OF YOU, and that’s something to be celebrated. You deserve to spoil yourself, babe! “Treating yourself to something is a great way to signify or celebrate a special moment or season in your life and to attach significance to that particular piece that can then be shared with loved ones and passed on for generations.”

ribs and dust mama disrupt