3 Tips to Working Out at Home with the Whole Family

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By Tim Robards

As the Winter chill keeps us all rugged up inside (it really is too tempting to stay in bed and watch Netflix with the fam), getting outside and enjoying a game of footy or cricket with the tribe can be all too dependent on the weather, and while at-home workouts can be super effective and fun, what do you do if you lack the space? Here are some of my fav workout tips when you need to get your bod moving – and it’s something the whole gang can get in on too!

1 // Make sure to warm up and stretch

Whether you’re working out in a living room, small courtyard or bedroom, you should always stretch and warm up ahead of any exercise. This will help support your family’s mobility and also help prevent injury. There are lots of easy and fun stretches that you can enjoy ahead of getting active, and for parents, many that target specific areas. You can check out some of my mobility and stretching videos which only require the space on an exercise mat.

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2 // Do exercises that get you moving up and down

If you don’t have much space in your room to move side-to-side, focus on exercises that get the family moving up and down! This includes anything from jumping lunges, star jumps and jump squats that get your heart rate going. To spice things up, you can also incorporate a sports ball (soccer ball or tennis ball) and make a game out of your workout – such as throwing the ball up in the air every time you jump squat, and catching it.

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3 // Make the most of what you have around the house

There are so many different ways to turn everyday household items into weights that support your workout. My favourite is using a backpack to challenge yourself with squats. Do this by fitting your backpack straps to your back and shoulders and filling it with anything you like. For kids, this could be school books or soft toys. Parents, you can use cans from the pantry or folded clothes. To up the ante, build on the weight each few weeks for greater muscle development.

Berry Smoothie Recipe

This Berry Smoothie Recipe is perfect for brekkie or to hit that 4pm post work or school snack craving. It’s also great nutritionally for the entire family, and super simple and quick to prepare, so everyone can get involved – all you’ll need is a blender. This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and fibre from the berries, good quality fats from the avocado, and magnesium from the coconut water. It’s also dairy free, has no refined sugars and is vegetarian and vegan friendly, so everyone can enjoy it! This recipe serves one, so multiply the ingredients depending on how many peeps you’re making it for.

// Ingredients

½ cup frozen mixed berries (or fresh berries, but frozen berries are economical and will last longer)
1 banana
½ an avocado
1 cup of coconut water

// Method

Pour the frozen berries, banana, avocado and coconut water into your blender. Place the top on and blend all ingredients together, then enjoy!

Tip: If you’re looking for something more substantial, you can also try adding a handful of oats!

Tim Robards is the Medibank Live Better at Home Program ambassador, chiropractor and founder of The Robards Method