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The Best Martini Recipe For Mama Me-Time

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

There are two things I’m taking with me from #isolife, the first is that you can buy a surprising amount of things online, to the point I may never have to leave the house again (not joking, yaya home shopping!), the second is that some precious mama me-time each day is my new fav thing.

These past few months have made me seriously rethink my self-care regime (or lack thereof) so I’ve been purposefully taking the time to actually sit down and chillax for 10 minutes after I’ve put bae down for the night. Let me tell you, taking that time for ME, even though it is small, has been a game changer. This is my new post-lockdown mindset: a commitment to look after myself, as well as my mini.

I’m all about feeding my soul with love and goodness. Cue my new daily ritual: my evening Blueberry glass of love. It’s my guilt-free reminder that I matter. Made with my favourite tonic water, Nexba Lime Cucumber & Mint Tonic Water (which I am obsessed with), I love that it’s natural and sugar-free. Who says a treat can’t be healthy?

With the average tonic water possessing more than 27 grams of sugar (6.5 teaspoons), this baby is a world away and all-natural.

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Recipe: Blueberry Healthy G+T

Serves 2 – Maximum flavour and minimum effort… now that’s my kinda cocktail 

// Ingredients

1 handful ice cubes
3/4 cup fresh blueberries
3 shots premium quality gin
1 handful fresh mint leaves
Nexba Lime Cucumber & Mint Tonic Water
Lime wheels, to garnish

// Method

Distribute ice cubes between two glasses. Add fresh blueberries, gin and mint leaves, mix. Top up with Nexba Lime Cucumber & Mint tonic water. Garnish with lime. YUM!

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