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Guest Editor: Peloton’s Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts On Yoga For Active Pregnancy

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For some of us, having an active pregnancy just means all those sprints to the bathroom in the first trimester. Every pregnancy – and every mama – is different, so staying active can mean anything from a gentle walk to a high-intensity cycle class. But for much-loved Peloton yoga and meditation teacher, Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts, an active pregnancy is less about sweat and more about surrender.

By Mama Disrupt® Head of Content Gemma Dawkins


Chelsea Jackson Roberts active pregnancy


Slowing Down //

Chelsea is known for her R&B and gospel yoga flows – that’s our kinda yoga! But she says that she’s focused on being gentle with herself right now. “My yoga practice is constantly changing and evolving,” Chelsea told Mama Disrupt®, “however, during my first trimester it became even more gentle and sacred because of how vulnerable I felt. I needed to also parent myself through the early stages of pregnancy.”


First Trimester Lessons //

“The first trimester was definitely a period of time that encouraged me to dig deeply into my practice. It was full of uncertainty because the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are so critical. My husband and I experienced loss as the end of 2021 and it was fairly early in the pregnancy. As a result, this first trimester has been one filled with patience and compassion.”


Chelsea Jackson Roberts


Dealing With Miscarriage //

Chelsea was open about her loss, in the hope that by sharing her story she can help other mamas to feel less alone. “I think that it is important to normalize the fullness of our human experiences. I also think that cultivating a practice of compassion and presence is a way to navigate the unexpected.” The reason she spoke up about miscarriage “is because it is a part of my story. Yoga teaches me to embrace the whole and not just parts of me. It is also important for people to own the parts of their story that they share or keep sacred. I honor both.”


“Everything I have learned about myself and from my practice is being put to work through this experience [of pregnancy]”

Yoga For Pregnancy //

“By definition,” Chelsea says, “yoga means to unite or yoke. Yoga and meditation are great ways to cultivate awareness, presence, and patience. The experience of creating and birthing a human can definitely benefit from these practices.”

As for the pose she’s loving the most during pregnancy? “Child’s pose with props. It reminds me that I am worthy of rest, support, and the opportunity to parent myself as I parent my growing human inside of me.”

Chelsea’s Advice For Pregnant Mamas //

Thinking about taking your bump to yoga? “First, it is important to consult your physician if you are just beginning your practice,” Chelsea advises. “I have offerings on Peloton from expecting parents that are specific to the trimester. More than anything, practice listening to and loving your body throughout the process.” Amen to that!

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