TRAVEL: 5 Offbeat Destinations for the Wanderlust Family

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Are you craving a little ADVENTURE? Though travel with the fam-bam is no longer as simple a backpack and a ticket to wherever the whim takes you, travel is an amazing thing to share with kids. Experiencing new cultures, sights and sounds, travelling as a family create memories that will last a lifetime and gives an education far beyond anything they will ever find in a textbook.

Travel with a family takes a little more planning and a fair chunk more packing. However, there are some AMAZING spots around the world that satisfy the adventurer in you whilst also being simple to explore.


A small and often ignored country, Slovenia is super-easy to get around and a fantastic place to take kids. The capital Maribor has plenty for everyone, but it’s also worth getting out into the mountains to explore. Bled is a picture-perfect town with a magical castle perched high on the clifftop. There is plenty to do around the lake, you can also take a trip onto the small island in the middle of the lake to explore the church that is filled with legends of old.

The Galapagos

With seals basking in the sun at the bus stop and blue footed boobies nesting on the cliffs, the Galapagos is an animal-lover’s paradise. Stand next to a giant tortoise, snorkel with the sea turtles and tip-toe amongst the lizards, as you get to experience an abundance of wildlife you will never see elsewhere. Easy to reach via a short flight from Quito, Ecuador, you can stay on the main island and take short day trips out to the outer islands, or take a longer cruise that will stop at various islands along the way. Both options are kid friendly, and super-easy to do.


A geological wonderland, you can bathe in the hot springs, experience cascading waterfalls and see some of the world’s most incredible landscapes, all within easy reach of the kid-friendly capital of Reykjavik. Drive the Golden Circle that takes in the main landmarks in an easy trip, or head to the Blue Lagoon for the ultimate hot springs experience (age limit is 2 years old) If you are really lucky you might just see the Northern Lights dance across the skies.

Tokyo, Japan

Jam-packed with kid-friendly attractions, the Japanese capital has stacks of great parks and museums to explore. Head to Sunshine City Complex where you’ll find an aquarium, planetarium and indoor theme park, or try the Sky Circus Observatory, where you can ride the world’s fastest elevator and take in views of Mt Fuji from the 60th floor. Disneyland is also within each reach. Aside from the action of the theme parks, Tokyo is an amazing city to explore in its own right. Take a walking food tour, a river cruise, visit the Ueno Zoo, or for something a little different try the whimsical Ghibli Museum.


With delicious food (the ice-cream is a MUST!), stunning landscapes and stacks of outdoor activities, Argentina is a country with something for the whole family. Buenos Aires makes a good base, but also try the slightly smaller Rosario, with less tourists and gorgeous cobbled streets. Take a boat trip through the rainforest to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls. Or, if you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, head to the southern tip of Argentina where you’ll find Los Glaciares National Park. Here you can get up close to the majestic and awe-inspiring Perito Mereno Glacier.

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