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5 reasons we love Clarks

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It’s the Summer school holidays, which means that soon it’s the start of a new school year! When it comes to BTS prep, here’s why Clarks school shoes are at the top of our list.

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Clarks shoes have been around for years (almost 200 years actually!), so chances are you rocked them when you were at school and you know they’re freaking epic. We love that they have new styles made with old school quality, plus our kids love wearing them too #winning. There really is nothing else like Clarks for happy feet.

Here’s why:

1. They keep your kiddo’s feet happy as a clam

Did you know a child can sweat 250ml into their shoe per day? That’s the same amount as a can of Coke! So it’s a good idea to have a shoe with leather linings and uppers which can breathe. Plus, all of Clarks school shoes are treated with an antibacterial spray – genius!

2. They’re on sale (always a winner)

To make back to school a little more stress-free, Clarks school shoes are 20% off right now, so head in store or jump online to grab a pair for your mini-boo-boo. Run, don’t walk!

Clarks 2023 Back to School range

3. You’re going to find a pair that fits, promise

Shoe shopping with kids can be a nightmare, especially if you need to try on a million pairs to find some that fit. Luckily, the best-selling Clarks Daytona school shoe comes in 234 different sizes (yup!) ranging from a baby size 8 right up to an adult size 14 and in 6 different widths, and the Infinity (girl’s version) is available in 155 different sizes and 5 width fittings. There is literally a size for errryone!

4. You’re not going to have to buy another pair next month

Mamas are a lot of things, but professional shoe fitters we are not. That’s why all Clarks stores have specially trained fitters to make sure your little one gets the perfect fitting shoe for their very own Cinderella moment, or you can use their at-home measuring instructions. If you want to go one step further, the Clarks fitting gauge makes measuring a shoe even easier #mumhack.

5. You can shop online

It’s no secret that mums are the best at shopping online. So if you can’t get to a store or simply want to avoid hauling your tribe to the shops, it’s easy with Clarks to order online. You can get the exact sizes you want all from the comfort of home.


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