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5 things to do when you bring your newborn home

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Bringing a newborn home is overwhelming and sometimes scary. So we asked Baby Whisperer Christine Minogue for her top tips for new mamas.

By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

I vividly remember my fifth day as a new mum.

It was a Thursday and it was the day we were given the green light to go home.

Being in hospital had been great, I didn’t have any housework to do, they brought ice cream for dessert every night and I could soak in those moments with my bebe.

But it also kinda felt like a waiting room to the rest of my life and I really wanted to get home.

Bringing a newborn home is overwhelming AF and I had no idea what to expect or WTF I was doing.

So I asked baby whisperer Christine Minogue, who is a Mothercraft Nurse at North Shore Private Maternity Unit in Sydney, for her top tips for new mamas. These will help you enjoy those early weeks of becoming a new family, whether you’re having your first baby or your fourth baby.


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1. Be kind to yourself

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, each new baby needs time for you to get to know them.

You are also very tired and want to do the best for your baby, so remember to rest in this time, particularly when your baby needs you to be there for them every few hours.

2. Take as much help as you can get

Allow someone close to you – whether it’s dad, a grandparent, aunts, uncles or a friend, to hold your baby while you eat, shower or rest. Especially in the early weeks. Every little bit helps.

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3. Don’t be overwhelmed by information

Take small pieces of information from a source that you can go back to and talk to.

In a time where there is an overwhelming amount of information, narrow it down to one or two trusted people until you feel more confident with your baby.

4. Enjoy the moment

In these early weeks, babies take small feeds and short sleeps around the clock so try to enjoy this time.

Feeding and cuddling your baby in the quiet of the night is amazing and tiring. But they don’t last long so enjoy the moment.

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5. Get good at the basics

New parents often ask me about routines and sleep patterns. This is the time to adjust to this new little person in your life.

Get an understanding of feeding and allowing the baby to sleep, grow and mature.

All the rest will come in time.

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