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6 Secret Weapons All Mamas Need

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By Kerrie Simon-Lawrence

Sore, cracked nipples. Aching and swollen legs. Stretch marks wrapping around our bellies. Mamas, we put our bodies through it all… and while we wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s nice to nurture ourselves once in a while, which is why we love Lydia Latta of The Hermosa Co.

As a massage therapist, Lydia Latta knows the power of touch – its ability to heal, to restore and to reinvigorate. So after this super mama birthed twin boys, Cash and Marlow, in 2015, Lydia knew she needed to shift her focus… to look after mamas.

the hermosa co mama disrupt


She added pregnancy massage to her bag of tricks and set up The Hermosa Co – a clinic to treat women, with a specialty in pregnancy and postpartum massage and pampering. Her philosophy was and always will be: “Nurture the mama, so she can nurture her babies.” Sing it, sister!

But Lydia wasn’t done. She wanted to make sure the mamas who placed their trust in her were only being exposed to the purest and most natural of products. So she hit the books once again, this time to study product formulation, and The Hermosa Co range was born.

Every product is natural, Australian made and safe for expectant and new mamas, as well as their bebes. We love!

the hermosa co mama disrupt

6 secret weapons all mamas need to nourish their bodies and their bebes

1 // Hermosa Soak

It’s rich in magnesium, so you can say “see ya!” to swollen, restless legs while other aches and pains melt away.

2// Postpartum Sitz Soak

Every new mama needs this in her bathroom. A rich herbal and magnesium blend, the soak supports the post-birth healing process by stimulating blood flow, fighting infection, reducing swelling, and calms and soothes the perineum.

the hermosa co mama disrupt

3 // Magnesium Spray

Spritz it over your legs, feet and lower back to reduce inflammation, cramps, and restless legs. It also relaxes your muscles and eases insomnia. YAS!

4 // Nipple Balm

If cracked, sore nipples are your reality at the moment, this is your Holy Grail. Packed with Jojoba and avocado to nourish, and calendula to protect and heal, you’ll feel soothed and restored in no time.

the hermosa co mama disrupt

5 // Belly Oil

Give that gorgeous bump some extra lovin’. Abundant in fatty acids and essential vitamins, and enriched with Acai and Rose-hip oil, it softens skin, banishes itchiness and works to minimise stretch marks (#winning!)

6 // Baby Bath Wash and Shampoo

Made from soothing aloe and with the natural antiseptic and protective properties of calendula, this wash, created with your bebe in mind, contains absolutely no nasties. It’s pure bliss!

the hermosa co mama disrupt