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6 things we love about CUB Nappy Pants

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If there’s one thing we know a lot about, it’s toilet training. Here are 6 reasons why CUB Nappy Pants have earned a permanent spot in our stash.

By Mama Disrupt® in partnership with CUB

Potty training.

It’s enough to send even the hardiest of human-raisers straight for the chocolate drawer.

The key to a drama-free ride?

The perfect nappy pant.

Enter CUB. They’re award-winning for a reason. And we’re a lil’ bit obsessed. Here’s why.


CUB Nappy Pants, Mama Disrupt
1. No sneaky leaks

Picture this: It’s the early hours of the morning, and you’re deep in the land of nod, when suddenly…uh oh! Your toddler needs an emergency change. Their nappy pant has not done its job, and they’re not nappy happy. No, thank you. Which is why you need CUB Nappy Pants. Because these pants are ninjas at preventing leaks. Instead, they draw moisture away from your boo’s skin to keep it nice and dry, whilst the triple elastic leg guards work to stop any sneaky poonamis getting past. Go back to sleep, girl.

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2. Snug life

You want your junior to feel great in their nappy pant, which means comfort is key. That’s why we’re all about that 360-degree-stretchy-waistband life. It’s like a cosy hug for your kiddo’s tummy, providing the perfect combo of security and snuggle-factor. Plus, because they can be pulled up, they are the perfect transition between nappies and undies.

CUB Nappy Pants, Mama Disrupt

3. Gentle on skin

Toddler skin is sensitive, and especially prone to chafing and nappy rash due to their continual movement. Which is why CUB’s super soft, breathable cover is another must. It’s like wrapping your little one in a cloud of comfort, knowing that their skin is being pampered and protected.

CUB Nappy Pants, Mama Disrupt

4. Out with the old, in with the new

When you’re midway through your busy day, ain’t nobody got time for a wrestling match with a toddler … IYKYK. Which is where these bad boys swoop in to save your sanity. With their tear-away sides, you can whip off a CUB Nappy Pant and slap on a fresh one while your bub stays standing. Yes mama, you’re still in charge. You know it.

CUB Nappy Pants, Mama Disrupt

5. See-ya saggy bottoms

Nobody likes a nappy pant that won’t stay put. Thankfully, CUB Nappy Pants come equipped with a contoured fit that won’t let your toddler down – literally. No more saggy bottoms or constant readjustments. These nappy pants are totes tailor-made for teeny tushies, so your wild child can run, jump and play, and their nappy pant stays put. Yah.

6. They don’t cost the earth

Even though these nappy pants are amazing quality (they are totally up there with the best), you don’t need a mortgage to buy them. Unlike some brands. I mean, we could not love this more.

TLDR: Give your boo’s bottom a hug with CUB.

CUB Nappy Pants, Mama Disrupt

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