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6 ways family yoga sessions will make your household more calm

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Family fitness expert and mama, Leah Chandler, shares how to make your household more calm by holding family yoga sessions.

by Leah Chandler, founder of Kids Fit Australia

To me, yoga is all about the connection. The connection with your breath, your mind and your body.  That’s why I would very much recommend bringing it into your home and introducing it to your family.

The connection is then also with your family, as it is a chance to slow down, connect with each other and explore the benefits of yoga together.

Neon breathe sign on green wallThe world is very fast paced and so many distractions are around us, especially for our children! This is a chance to reset the mind and body while focussing on moving and breathing.

6 amazing benefits you and your kids will experience from family yoga sessions

1. It is non-competitive (it’s all about your own journey).

2. It develops body awareness and builds concentration.

3. It teaches how to manage stress through healthy movement and meditation.

4. It develops muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility.

5. It helps to develop a positive self and confidence.

6. It helps to connect families together by yoga movement and play.

Introducing yoga to your kids can be as simple as going to a family yoga class held in your area, or searching for simple kids yoga videos on Youtube and following them in your living room – or out in the backyard.

Family at the beach at sunsetOnce you get the hang of it, it’s fun to get your yoga on in other places, like down at the beach, the park, and other places of nature.

Remember, to keep it simple and FUN for all family members!

Not only will you have more connected kids, you will also have calmer kids. And… you might just notice a healthier you, in both mind and body.

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