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6 ways to keep your family moving in #iso

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

This past week, I’ve gone for a walk every day. It may only be 30 mins, but it gets me and my daughter out of the f*ckin house (we’re all going a little cray over here!), and it gives me time to clear my head before taking the rest of the day head-on!

So with everyone living the #isolife for the unforeseeable future, it’s become more important for families to get creative when it comes to staying active – especially for peeps who are used to that sort of lifestyle. So I asked PT and owner of Body Beyond Baby, Jen Dugard, to share her top tips for staying healthy this season.

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1 // Get outdoors

Whether it’s an improv circuit in the backyard or a walk around the block, getting outside will give your family time in the sun. And the combo of fresh air and sunshine is believed to boost your mental health and immunity.

2 // Stay connected

Ask your regular children’s activities if they can run virtual classes to keep them active and give them a feeling of social connection. My son is currently doing his regular karate class via Zoom!

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3 // Put your kids in control

Get the kids engaged by letting them choose what the family does, it could be as simple as kicking a ball around or playing their fav game in the yard or lounge room.

4 // Keep a routine

Work regular movement into you daily routine by scheduling family movement time. Just before mealtimes can work well and help everyone to work up an appetite!

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5 // Do it even when you don’t feel like it

Exercise makes you feel better, because when you are active, you are more likely to be satisfied with your mental health, compared to those people who aren’t active.

6 // Make sure you get active too

Physical activity and exercise recharges parents, and gives you more energy to take on the rest of the day!


Jen Dugard is the owner of Body Beyond Baby and a board member with Fitness Australia.