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All I want for Mother’s Day is a little me-time [and why you do, too]

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Flowers. Chocolates. Home made jewellery. Forget it. All this mama wants for Mother’s Day is a little me-time [and we’re pretty sure it’s all most mamas want, too].

By Ava Wilde

I’ve been learning to navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood. And I’ve been reflecting on Mother’s Day and what it means to me this year. So, let me share a little secret: All I want for Mother’s Day is to be away from my kids. Just for a bit, promise!

I know, I know. It might sound a bit selfish, but let me explain.

Picture this: it’s 3am, and little Oliver is having a meltdown that can rival an air-raid siren. I’m staggering around like a zombie, desperately trying to comfort him. It’s in these moments that I crave a little alone time, and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

“It’s about recharging and taking care of ourselves, so we can be the best mothers we can be.”

Motherhood is a magical journey, but it’s also incredibly challenging. Between sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, and the never-ending piles of laundry, it’s easy to feel like we’re losing ourselves in the process.

And that’s why I believe we, as mamas, need to take a break sometimes – to recharge, regroup, and remember who we are outside of our roles as mothers.

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Why me-time is magic

A few weeks ago, I had a rare opportunity to slip away for a couple of hours. Armed with a steamy latte and a long-forgotten novel, I found a cozy corner in a local café. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed those fleeting moments of solitude.

I returned home feeling refreshed, re-energised, and ready to tackle the beautiful chaos once more.

So, for Mother’s Day, let’s give ourselves permission to take a step back, even if it’s just for a few hours. It’s not about neglecting our little ones. It’s about recharging and taking care of ourselves, so we can be the best mothers we can be. Remember, self-care is vital, and it’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.

Whether it’s a solo trip to the spa, a quiet walk in nature, or simply locking yourself in the bathroom with a good book and a box of biscuits, don’t be afraid to ask for that much-needed me time. You deserve it, mama!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible, strong, and inspiring women out there. Cheers to us, and here’s to finding a little time for ourselves on this special day. We’ve earned it!