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Are you ‘eggspecting’? 15 Easter baby names for your little bunny

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If you’re searching for Easter baby names, look no further. We’ve curated a list of 15 names that reflect the season’s spirit of renewal and joy. Aww bless!

By Harper Steele

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or unique names, this list of Easter baby names offers loads of choices for your little one. So celebrate the joy and renewal of the season by choosing a name that resonates with your family’s Easter traditions and values.

1. Aurora

Meaning “dawn,” Aurora symbolises a fresh start and new beginnings.

2. Elias

With origins in Greek mythology, Elias signifies the rising sun, hope and rebirth.

3. Lily

A classic Easter flower, the Lily represents purity and innocence, making it a beautiful choice for your baby girl.

4. Asher

Derived from Hebrew, Asher means “blessed” or “happy”.

5. Clara

This elegant name, meaning “bright” or “clear,” evokes clarity and brightness.

6. Isaac

With biblical roots, Isaac conveys the idea of laughter and joy, mirroring the happiness of Easter celebrations.

7. Eva

Originating from Hebrew, Eva translates to “life” or “living one”.

8. Cyrus

Meaning “sun” or “throne,” Cyrus reflects the radiant energy and warmth of Easter.

9. Ava

Ava signifies “bird” or “life,” embodying the spirit of renewal and vitality.

10. Ethan

With origins in Hebrew, Ethan translates to “strong” or “enduring,” representing the resilience and strength associated with Easter.

11. Rosalie

This enchanting name is derived from the Latin word for “rose”.

12. Gideon

Meaning “mighty warrior,” Gideon embodies the triumph and victory celebrated during Easter.

13. Anastasia

With Greek roots, Anastasia signifies “resurrection” or “rebirth,” making it a meaningful choice for an Easter baby.

14. Leo

Derived from Latin, Leo represents “lion,” symbolising courage and strength.

15. Seraphina

This heavenly name, meaning “fiery one” or “angel,” captures the divine essence of Easter.

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