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5 tips to create the ideal sleeping environment for newborns

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Whether you’re in the midst of it yet or are about to experience it, sleep is a premium when a new baby enters a home. Between feeds, soothing, changing and catching 40 winks yourself, all mamas want to ensure they are doing everything to maximise baby’s shut-eye.

If you’re lacking a little sleep or you’re about the give birth and want to create a room for your newborn that encourages them to stay in the land of Nod, step right this way.

1 // Dress for the temperature

If you’re worried your little one’s room is too hot or cold, you’re not alone. This doesn’t mean you should be jumping to turn the heating or cooling on – rather you should just appropriately dress your newborn; just as you’d dress yourself for bed.

Think the cosy onesies from ergoPouch. Included in the ergoPouch Newborn Pack is the free Room Thermometer with dressing guide (which helps you understand the TOGs and which TOG swaddle to dress your baby in).

2 // Shop for cosy sleepwear

Baby sleepwear ergoPouch Newborn Pack in DropsFrom organic-cotton onesies to finding the perfect-fitting sleeping bag, the sleepwear you choose for your little one will make all of the difference to their slumber as it helps to settle them and encourages them to stay in a safe sleeping position throughout the night, too.

We love the Newborn Pack from ergoPouch, $62.95. Made from super-soft and breathable organic cotton and bamboo viscose (which is best for sensitive skin), the Swaddle and Long Sleeve Layer will keep your newborn snug and warm during those precious few months.

The Swaddle Bag from the pack has even received acknowledgement from The International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being a “hip-healthy” product.

3 // Make it dark

Love a dark room to help you have a good night’s sleep? So do little ones. Just like adults, sleep hormones are released in the dark.

So, if you want to encourage your baby’s room to be a sleep sanctuary, try black-out shades or good window treatments that keep the light out.

ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag Bamboo4 // Create some noise

While you don’t want to tip toe around and have your baby be sensitive to sounds, you also don’t want to risk waking them up with a sudden sound when you’re clamouring around in the kitchen.

To stop this from happening, try introducing some white noise to their room. White noise machines can create sounds that are reminiscent of the sounds your newborn heard while in the womb. Not only will in drown out other noises in the house, they will also find it soothing.

5 // Make yourself comfy, too

ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe in DropsAs well as making sure your little one is comfy in their room, you need to look after yourself, too, mama! When you are as happy and relaxed as can be, these vibes will circle around your home and help keep things calm.

That means, pick out a squishy chair for feeding, grab yourself a cloud-like pair of slippers and why not even throw on one of ergoPouch’s Matchy Matchy Robes?

Made from bamboo, the fabric feels lovely on your skin, it’s breathable and lightweight to help keep you comfortable and cosy from your hospital stay right through to late night feeds in bubba’s room.

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