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12 super-stylish kids’ rooms you will love

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When it comes to styling a room for your little ones, you’re not alone if the number of options, colours and themes gives you a touch of anxiety. And, mama, we haven’t even got to the part when your child wants to get involved in decorating their room – let’s just say it’s likely their ideas don’t match your vision.

In the end whatever scheme you and your child settle on, you’ll want to make sure you opt for something that lasts from a pink phase through to teenager years without the need for updating the space each year.

When it comes to creating inimitable interiors for children, Lilly & Lolly create the most beautiful spaces that even mamas will want to call their own.

Lilly & Lolly have been designing and handcrafting furniture in Australia with local craftsman for over 25 years. As well as making custom pieces, they offer homewares to create entire looks for bedrooms.

We sat down with Lilly & Lolly to look at eight of their creations and find out their tips to create a timeless and stylish room for little ones.

If you’re thinking about redesigning or decorating a child’s room, these amazing photos of kids’ rooms and child-friendly spaces are sure to provide you with all of the inspiration you need.

1 // Denim Daze

Lilly & Lolly kids room with denim bedspreadWhen it comes to styling a kids’ room that will last as they age, stick to minimalist furniture that can grow with little ones, like the Colour Box range. This way all you need to do to update the room, is change out bed linen and some decor items if you wish.

The Denim Daze room has been cleverly styled by the Lilly & Lolly team with neutral bedding and minimal pattern. Fun and personality are injected with a fun wall decal and toys.

2 // Diego Diamond

Lilly & Lolly Diego Diamond bedroom set

They say diamonds are forever with good reason – they are timeless, just like in this Diego Diamond look created by Lilly & Lolly.

Upholstered beds are a lovely way to add softness and texture to a child’s room. And if you love layering textures, include a rug, throw and cushions, too.

Just be sure to introduce other materials, such as the oak of these Scoop bedside tables, to balance the look out.

Again, all of these pieces will last as your child grows and if need be, you could even consider having the bed reupholstered in years to come.

3 // Yellow Wiggle

Lilly & Lolly Kids room yellow wiggle beddingOne of the best ways to inject fun into a child’s room is with bedding. Case in point? This happy-inducing Yellow Wiggle look from Lilly & Lolly.

While you’ll want to invest in quality furniture that is built to last and is not too trend driven, when it comes to soft furnishings you can go wild as these are the items you tend to replace more often over the years.

The Charlie bed in the soft-grey is the perfect neutral canvas to build a child’s room around.

4 // Thread Lightly

Lilly & Lolly girls room Thread Lightly beddingWe want everything in this pic for mama’s room! From the gorgeous Thread Lightly bedding to the Charlie chest of drawers and Atrium Wish rug, we’re just slightly obsessed.

This room is a stylish lesson is how you can create a space for a child that they will not outgrow. On one hand it is girly and playful and on the other hand it is sophisticated and timeless.

If, like us, you want everything pictured here, step right this way.

5 // Zig Zag Monster

Lilly & Lolly boys room with zig zag bedding

Bold boys rooms that will last the ages are all about geometric prints, a monochrome colour palette and touch of playfulness.

The Zig Zag bedding in this look created by Lilly & Lolly, ticks all of those boxes. To inject a little fun be sure to style a space like this with some personality introduced by block colour and art. A little bit of a monster or animal element never goes astray.

6 // Party Girl

Lilly & Lolly pink girls room party girl beddingWhile this room sure does have party girl written all over it, the array of texture, lack of print and range of pink tones mean it could really appeal to any age. Mamas included.

To ensure a room like this remains timeless this Party Girl look created by Lilly & Lolly, use textures such a velvet (like the beautiful bed), cotton and other natural fibres that are stylish for every age.

7 // Adventurer

Lilly & Lolly kids bedroom with Adventurer beddingCombining a few of our favourite things (hello Scandi style, a touch of travel and rustic-look bedding), this room is the ideal space of young minds to spend time as they plot their adventures and conjure up all the wild things they’ll get up to in their lifetime.

The key to success in the Adventurer room created by Lilly & Lolly lies in the use of nature-inspired hues. Be sure to style colours like these against natural wood and use lots of raw, natural materials to give the space a rustic edge.

8 // Paddle Pops and Pom Poms

Lilly & Lolly kids bedroom Paddle Pop and pom pom beddingThe most beautiful bedrooms are those that are finished off with artwork and decor that allows a child’s personality to shine but also adds interest and depth to a room, like the Paddlepops & Poms Poms look by Lilly & Lolly.

We’re little bit obsessed with these Paddle Pop prints and Rattan Rocking Horse.

9 // Playful Peach

Lilly & Lolly playful peach bedroom set

Want a pastel room with a point of difference? Step right this way, mama. Pastels get a stylish update with Lilly & Lolly’s Playful Peach look. How? Rather than your obvious mix of pastel colours, this room uses just a couple of colours – and more original choices at that. Hello peach and soft aqua.

If you want to keep a pastel space on the stylish side, opt for furniture that is fresh, soft and modern, like the Lilly & Lolly Scoop Bunk in the white-wash finish.

To further soften the space and add interest and layers, add some throws, cushions and other soft furnishings.

Artwork, like the Minty Bloom from Lilly & Lolly, is another way to take a pastel room from ordinary to stylish.

10 // Dynamic Duo

Lilly & Lolly Dynamic Duo bedroom set

Is there anything more stylish (and timeless) than an oak and charcoal colour combo? Tapping into the best of Scandi style, this Dynamic Duo look created by Lilly & Lolly is the perfect mix of moody and modern – perfect for the transition from child to teenager.

The clean lines of the Colour Box furniture is perfectly softened with neutral cushions and accented with a pop of blue in the Palm Beach throw.

11 // Spot on Spot

Lilly & Lolly Spoton Spotme bedroom set

If you want to create a room for your child that doesn’t go near the usual pastels, the Spot On look by Lilly & Lolly is an ageless space that teams a little fun via the multi-colours button and the dark denim in the Darcy Bedhead.

These colours look great teamed with oak furniture to balance a space with some warmth. If you want to enhance the look with a touch more nature, just add some plants and cushions to introduce further pops of colour.

12 // Magenta Pear

Lilly & Lolly Angel Wings bedroom set

When a child reaches their teenage years, it’s time to let them get creative in their room design and let their personality shine. A timeless way to do this is with a feature wall like this magenta beauty in the Magenta Pear space created by Lilly & Lolly.

Teamed with a soft-grey bed, like the Charlie upholstered one from Lilly & Lolly, and softened with natural oak furniture, you have the perfect canvas for your teenager to decorate and tweak over the years.

Personally, we are big fans of the monochrome bedding scheme chosen here with layering of the natural bed linen, cushion and rugs, which creates a welcoming space for your teen to study or relax within.

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