boho baby names mama disrupt

Boho Baby Names we Adore

In Features, Motherhood, Stories by Nicole Fuge

One of the toughest decisions you face as an expectant mama is what to name your impending little bambino. You want a name that is unique, special and something that truly reflects your little one’s spirit. But also something that will suit them as a teenager and beyond.

Nature-inspired, boho baby names are certainly the trend of the moment, and there are some gorgeously whimsical names that we can’t get enough of.

boho baby names mama disrupt

Our fav boho-inspired baby names


1 // Gaia. From the Greek word for earth, Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth, and the mother of Cyclopes and the Titans.
2 // India. Place names are becoming increasingly popular. Derived from the Indus river and meaning water or river, India evokes a feeling of vibrancy and free-spirit.
3 // Boheme. The ultimate boho name, boheme stems from bohemian, meaning a carefree lifestyle, unabounded by convention.
4 // Skye. Comes from the name of the Isle of Skye off the remote west coast of Scotland. Windswept, untamed and independent.
5 // Briar. Derived from the name of a thorny plant, Briar is a strong, determined name for one who is set to leave a mark on this world.
6 // Fern. A traditional name that is still relatively unused, it’s simple yet earthy.
7 // Autumn. From the name of the season, Autumn is an earthy, nature-inspired name that has been popular since the ‘60s.
8 // Meadow. An ethereal name that denotes a magical, gentle soul.
9 // Nahla. With several origins: in Arabic it means ‘first drink of water’, in African it means ‘successful’, and in Sanskrit it means ‘stem’. Can also be spelt Nala.
10 // Aurora. Meaning ‘dawn’ in Latin, Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning.

boho baby names mama disrupt

1 // River. A fashionable nature-inspired name, River is a little boho, a little rock, and a little free spirit.
2 // Wilde. From the writer Oscar Wilde, this is a perfect name for any bambino destined for a little wildness.
3 // Xander. Meaning ‘defending men’ this is a newer shortened form of the traditional name Alexander. Can also be spelt as Zander.
4 // Leif. A recognisable Scandanavian name, Leif (pronounced Leaf), is growing in popularity amidst the boho mamas. And with good reason.
5 // Archer. Bowman, or archer, this is a name that denotes strength, courage and determination.
6 // Forest. Another nature-inspired name, perfect for deep-thinking, contemplative little ones.
7 // Ocean. Boho names are all about connecting the natural environment to the soul, and this one says it all. For those destined to surf.
8 // Phoenix. A beautiful, immortal bird, Phoenix is a magical name of strength and wonder.
9 // Reef. Another name perfect for those drawn to the water, this denotes something fragile yet wonderous.
10 // Bodhi. Meaning ‘enlightenment’ in Sanskrit, Bodhi has become hugely popular in recent years for its upbeat yet spiritual vibe.

boho baby names mama disrupt

1 // Rainn. Refreshingly simple, Rainn is perfect for both boys and girls, which makes us love it even more.
2 // Wren. A small bird, Wren also comes from the Welsh word for ‘ruler’.
3 // Story. A unique name that suggests a depth of character and independence. We love.
4 // Bryn. From the Welsh word for ‘hill’. Welsh names are growing in popularity for being unique and lyrical.
5 // Cyan. A vivid, bright colour, this name is a modern offering from the traditional colour names.
6 // Lyric. Also rising in popularity in recent years as a modern yet unusual name, this songlike name evokes creativity, poetry and music.
7 // Lark. The name of a type of songbird, Lark is a simple, yet free-spirited name, for a soul who cannot be caged.
8 // Cypress. From the cypress tree, this name is earthy, strong and perfectly neutral.
9 // Sparrow. A rising favourite gender-neutral name, Sparrow denotes a dainty yet chirpy free-spirit.
10 // Zephyr. From the Greek for ‘west wind’, Zephyr suggests a spirit bound for adventure and travel.