Christianna Heideman – the making of a badass #bossmama

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By Nicole Fuge, MD® Managing Editor

Christianna Heideman launched Damselfly when she was 19, fresh outta high school, and had no f*cking idea what she was doing. “I had a passion for jewellery and was determined to make a career out of it, so I did.”

Damselfly started primarily as a jewellery brand; at the time costume jewellery was having a real moment and she cracked the market by capitalising
on everyone’s obsession with OTT earrings and neckpieces. Fifteen years later and with a lot more experience under her belt, Christianna found a niche and Damselfly 2.0 was born. “I thought I’d give candles a go, it exploded and here we are.”

Now, Damselfly is a wildly popular lifestyle brand operating from its Melbourne hub, with candles, homewares and now a wine offering. “We create products from an authentic and unique perspective and we like to push the boundaries just a little!” Christianna says. “Some of our quotes are a little controversial and have been known to rub a few people up the wrong way, #sorrysusan.”

Damselfly is now entering a new phase, as Christianna navigates motherhood with the juggle of running an increds business. “I’m usually 100 miles an hour and just charge through, but since having Léo I’ve had to pause and take a step back. I’ve cut back on time consuming projects that suck my time and energy, and shifted my focus to what I feel truly aligned with and what brings me the highest reward. I’m working smarter, not harder!”

So just how has motherhood impacted Christianna? “In. Every. Way. Let me just start by saying Instagram #mumlyf is all lies! I was expecting to punch out bubs, ‘bounce back’ and just get on with life with my cute little sidekick who comes with me to work in matching outfits…WRONG!

“In reality, I didn’t leave the house for three months, when I mustered up the courage to take him out in the real world he’d lose his sh*t and we’d both have a meltdown. I’m really used to being in control and planning out my days, but little Léo threw that all out the window. It was a real shock to the system – I’ve never experienced so much love for something, but also felt so lost and distraught at the same time!

Damselfly Mama Disrupt

“I couldn’t have done it without my incredibly supportive fiancé Petar, who literally did everything while I was recovering (despite it being really tough for him too) and he has been by our side every second since. Petar, my family, and friends have helped me make it through the other side – it takes a village, I really do understand that saying now.”

Like many other mamas, Christianna went into the birth of her bebe with a plan… no drugs/water birth/just breathe/namaste bitches. “I even had rose quartz in my pocket, aromatherapy oils burning and meditation music cranking. I had been practising my breathing exercises and had my pressure point combs ready to
go (ladies, the combs don’t work, take the drugs!) The plan was to jump in the bath and breathe through the magical experience of birthing a mermaid underwater child.”

But her reality was an induction 10 days after her due date, intense contractions that came on too strong and had Christianna begging for the gas (which didn’t touch the sides, so she upped the ante with an epidural). “That had an adverse effect and I passed out and woke up to a room full of concerned doctors standing
over me and my fiancé looking pale AF. Mine and Léo’s heart rate dropped from 150 to 30, so I was thrown onto a stretcher and rushed into emergency. The last thing I heard before we went in was, ‘Make sure you save the mother first’.”

Damselfly Mama Disrupt

After a rough emergency C-section, Christianna struggled with her recovery for the first few months, especially not being able to rest properly due to having a newborn to care for. But now her adorbs son is four months old and Christianna is learning what it means to be a BOSSMAMA. “One thing I have learnt is I can’t work efficiently and be a present mum at the same time, so I’ve made sure to really separate the two. When I’m working, I’m working. When I’m with Léo, I’m in full mum mode.”

With new adventures on the horizon for this new fam-bam of three (including planning a wedding!) Christianna’s focus is on spending as much time as she can with her boys and fitting in business around that – not the other way around. “There are some really exciting new products and partnerships (*cough* with MD®) in the pipeline this year that I can’t wait to share… stay tuned!”

Damselfly Mama Disrupt
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