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Dealing with the digital dilemma of screen time as a Millennial mum

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Hands up if you’re a Millennial mum. It’s no secret that your kids will have a very different childhood than the one you had. But is that a bad thing?

By Nicole Fuge, Mama Disrupt® Managing Editor

My two-year-old laughs wickedly as he takes photos of our dogs, the floor, me doing the dishes, and anything else that takes his fancy (all on burst mode, of course).

Meanwhile, my five-year-old is losing herself in another episode of Bluey playing on the TV. It’s a scene so different from my own gadget-free childhood. This digital age, with its shiny screens, on-demand viewing and ability to bewitch noisy kids, sometimes makes me question: Am I doing the right thing for my kids?


millennial mum, mama disrupt
The Screen Time Tango: Walking the Digital Tightrope

Oh, the screen time debate – it’s like navigating a minefield. One minute you read about the wonders of educational content, the next about the perils of too much screen time (and what exactly counts as too much?). As mums, we’re constantly trying to find that elusive balance.

My approach? Setting boundaries. No screens at mealtimes and keeping bedrooms as tech-free sanctuaries. I’ve even moved my phone charger away from the bed to avoid any temptation.

Social Squish: Stepping into the Digital Jungle with Caution

While I’m (hopefully) years away from this, it’s a given that my kids will start to dip their toes into the vast ocean of social media.

This is when the real fun starts, right? Cyberbullying, screen addiction, the comparison trap – it’s enough to send any mum into a worry spiral.

But from what I’m told, the key here is communication. It’s about teaching them to navigate these digital waters with kindness, respect, and a healthy dose of scepticism. And constantly reminding them (and ourselves!) that those ‘likes’ are no measure of their true worth.

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Raising the Digital Generation: Embracing the Chaos with Love

So here we are, millennial mums, raising our kids in a world where tech is king. It’s not about fearing the digital age, but about embracing it wisely. Yes, we worry. Yes, we question our choices. But aren’t those the hallmarks of good parenting?

At the end of the day, it’s about guiding our kids through this digital landscape with love, patience, and maybe a bit of that mum’s intuition. And, let’s not forget, giving ourselves a pat on the back for doing the best we can in a world that’s changing faster than our little ones’ nappy sizes.

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