Home Tour: A magical children’s hideaway

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Danella Gillard, Founder and Artist at Sailah Lane, is mother to Zamiah, five, Sailee, four, Vincent, one-and-a-half. The busy mama was kind enough to open the doors to her home and welcome Mama Disrupt inside to take a tour of the magical rooms she’s created for her little ones. From gorgeous artwork to boho details, there’s plenty of interior inspo here to use in your own children’s rooms.

What does life at home with your little ones mean to you?

“Being at home for us is filled with dress-ups, sticky tape (lottttts of sticky tape), paper, paint, glitter glue and a whole lot of mess, on – and under – the dining table. Every. Single. Day.

“The aim is to try and keep anything that could potentially end up on the walls out of ‘Mr Ones’ reach. This has, of course, failed on many occasions.

“Our girls love to create; it’s what they do before school/kindy and when they get home. I love it! It’s exactly what I loved doing as a child and I’m constantly amazed at their creations.

“I love it the most when I’m sitting at the table with them creating something new for Sailah Lane and they sit beside me and try to copy exactly what I’m drawing/painting. I hope they remember these moments later in life.”

Tell us about your children’s rooms and what you’ve tried to create?

“Their bedrooms are forever–changing. The girls always want the newest print or wall-sticker that I’ve designed, so we change there rooms up a little to suit!

“I like their rooms to have a calm, dreamy and clutter-free-feel, whilst still having fun with some decor pieces that spark their imagination.

“My favourite feature would have to be our fabric wall-stickers; they can be moved around to change up the look very easily! They say change is as good as a holiday, right?”

What’s your mantra on being a mama?

“Pause often or you’ll miss the details.”

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