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Feel organised (and in control) with these popular family organisation apps

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Looking to keep the fam in sync? Check out these top family organisation apps to conquer life’s beautiful chaos!

By Ava Wilde

So, you’re on a mission to get the fam organised, huh? I totally get it—life can be a whirlwind, especially with kiddos or a packed schedule. Well, let’s dive into some apps that are pretty much like superheroes for family chaos.

1. Cozi Family Organiser

Oh my days, Cozi is like your digital mum (or dad!) who’s got it all sorted. We’re talking timetables, to-do lists, meal plans, the whole lot.

2. Google Calendar

Who doesn’t love Google Calendar? It’s the Swiss Army knife of organisation. Colour-coding for everyone! You can make it as simple or as complex as you like.

family organisation apps, mama disrupt

3. Trello

Picture a big ol’ board where you can stick notes, but digital. That’s Trello for you. Perfect for families who love visuals. Assign chores with little cards and watch ’em move from “To-Do” to “Done!”

4. OurHome

This app is a game-changer if you’re having a hard time getting the fam to pitch in with chores. There’s even a rewards system. Earn points for taking out the rubbish? Yes, please!

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5. FamCal

Think of it as Cozi’s cousin. Each family member gets their own colour-coded calendar, and there are shared to-dos. No more forgetting Auntie Sally’s birthday or the football match this Saturday.


It’s an organisation fanatic’s dream. Sync it up with your calendar, and it’ll even remind you to grab milk when you pass the supermarket.

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7. PocketGuard

Right, let’s talk dosh! PocketGuard helps you keep track of your spending like a hawk watching its nest. Ideal for families who are budget-conscious.

8. 1Password Families

No more “Babe, what’s the Netflix password?” moments. This app stores everyone’s passwords in individual vaults, super securely.

Fancy giving one or two of these a whirl? I promise they’ll help keep the chaos at bay and make you feel like you’ve got it all together (even if just a little bit!).

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