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5 Fab Upstyles in a Flash

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By Natalie Bascur

Find yourself scanning the ‘Gram looking for hair inspo and resigning yourself to the fact that the only way to change it is to cut it all off? Put down the scissors! The hair hope you are looking for could be as simple as a new, cruisy upstyle to freshen your everyday mama look. Whether you have 15 minutes or 30 seconds and your skills stretch from moderate to basic, we’ve got you covered …

15 mins or less: wavy half up, half down

WHY?  This style is glamorous, romantic and oh so pretty
TOOLS: Conical iron or curling iron, wide-tooth comb, bristle brush, teasing comb, setting spray, hairspray, bobby pins

  1. Prep. Start with clean, washed and dried straight hair, using only a blow dryer and not straightening irons.
    Part your hair in the middle, then divide it into four parts, and secure with clips.
  2. Spray hair lightly with setting spray so it is not too silky and can hold a curl. Heat up a conical iron, and when it is hot enough work on large sections from one of the four parts.
  3. Take a small piece of hair from the section and curl it around your wand, away from your face. Start curling midway down the length of the hair. Repeat this for all sections.
  4. Let hair cool slightly, then run your fingers through curls using either your fingers or a wide tooth comb to break them up. Brush over with a bristle hairbrush until they look like soft waves. Slightly tease underneath layers on top of hair with a teasing comb and smooth over.
  5. Take a section of hair from the left, twist slightly and bobby pin in place at the middle of your hair at the back. Repeat on the right-hand side, slightly twisting and overlapping it over the other. Secure with pins and spray with hairspray to finish.

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10 mins or less: chignon

WHY? The low chignon is chic, elegant, and great with all outfits
TOOLS: Teasing comb, clips, elastic band, hairspray

  1. Pull your hair up as though you are pulling it into a half up, half down style. Clip the top half of your hair up and out of the way. Fluff up or tease the bottom of the hair that is still left down so you have some volume there.
  2. Take an elastic band and pull it back into a ponytail, securing it under into a tuck bun.
    Loosely pull the bun, to allow some messy texture to come through.
  3. Take the top half of your hair that is pinned up, and pull the right side of your hair down around the left side of the low bun. Then take the left side of your hair, pulling it down around the right side of the bun, pinning each around your bottom bun.
  4. Spray with hairspray, pin more if needed and you’re done mama!

5 mins or less: The fake bob

WHY? Because it gives you your wish of making a big change to your hair but is great for indecisive mamas
TOOLS: Clear hair elastics, salt spray, u-shaped hair pins, two bobby pins, shine spray

  1. Spray hair lightly with sea salt spray then separate into two ponytails.
  2. Loop the length of your hair up and under, securing the hair with small bobby pins. Place one singular bobby pin perpendicular to the other pins to lock them into place. Repeat on the other side of your hair so that the underneath tucked up hair is covered.
  3. Pull out some loose tendrils around your face for unkempt casualness, and lightly spray with a mist of shine spray.

1 min or less: loose knot

WHY? Because it is effortlessly too cool for school
TOOLS: Hair ties, bobby pins, hairspray

  1. Create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, but instead of pulling it all the way through, leave four to five inches of the ends hanging through.
  2. Conceal your hair tie by wrapping a two-inch section of hair around it, and slide a bobby pin underneath to pin it in place.
  3. Spray with hairspray to finish.

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30 seconds or less: Hair bow

WHY: Because it looks delicate, elegant, and is as easy as tying your shoelace
TOOLS: Bobby pins, hairspray

  1. Pull 1 inch sections from each side. Pull sections back and cross them. Tie them in a bow as though you are tying your shoelace.
  2. Secure with bobby pins and spray lightly. To make bobby pins easier to work with spray with hairspray beforehand for more grip.