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Setting up baby’s nursery? Why Feng Shui matters

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We love nursery design, but have you stopped to think about the Feng Shui of the space? Good Feng Shui can soothe, nourish and strengthen a baby’s energy.

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The design of a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby. What cot to choose? What about accessories? And ‘oh my ovaries’ the latest monochrome prints are TO DIE FOR!

But amidst the myriad of design choices, many don’t think about the layout of the room. And those who believe in Feng Shui propose this is the most important factor.

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What is Feng Shui?

With its roots in China, Feng Shui is about spatial arrangement – creating a harmonious and positive flow of energy and balance in the room. By arranging and aligning the room according to Feng Shui principles, energy will flow better and those who reside in that space will flourish and prosper.

Many believe that good Feng Shui in a nursery can soothe, nourish and strengthen a baby’s energy, helping her to feel comfortable, happy, and fill her with inspiration and wonder… which, as a new mama, is all you want for your bambino.

So how do you bring some Feng Shui to your own nursery?

The location of the room

Many people can’t change this, but if you do have the option of different rooms in the house, consider the nursery’s position. Try to avoid a room with sloping ceilings, as this can ‘weigh down’ on the baby. If it does slope, try sticking glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling to ‘lift’ the weight.

Try to avoid a triangular-shaped room, or one with sharp angles. If the room isn’t a complete rectangle, hang a small mirror on the wall that isn’t complete. Also, avoid having the nursery over a garage or empty space – a room over an empty space lacks energy.

Feng Shui, Mama Disrupt

Cot placement matters

Many parents place the cot in the centre of the room, or the long side of the cot against the wall. However, this puts bubba in a defensive position. It’s important to position the cot far away from the door with the head of the cot against a solid wall, to provide it with support and stability. The cot should never be under a window or under a heavy ceiling beam, and try to limit the number of appliances or electrical outlets near the cot.

Also, don’t have the baby’s feet pointing at the door. This can create a rush of energy towards bubba and cause disturbed sleep – which is the last thing we want! Conversely, a cot diagonally positioned from the door can deflate energy.

If the room has mirrors reflecting at the cot try covering them with heavy fabric. Also, avoid placing the cot directly under a ceiling fan as this can upset their body energy.

Also watch for points, making sure there aren’t any hard corners pointing straight at the baby’s head – such as dresser corners or change tables.

Opt for soothing colours

Though children’s play areas are often brightly coloured and with plenty of contrast, this can be overstimulating. Babies need restful sleep so select whites and muted restful tones. Opt for palettes that are harmonious and close to each other such as green and blue, and yellow and beige. Monochrome might be bang on-trend, but the yin-yang choice has too much contrast so is best avoided.

Feng Shui, Mama Disrupt

Create movement

A room without movement can become stagnant, which isn’t beneficial for growth. So, aim to create soft energy and movement in the nursery. Hang a mobile near a window that can catch the breeze, play gentle music, or place a small fan on a dresser to keep the air moving.

Choose design motifs carefully

We might adore the jungle prints, but animals should be chosen carefully. Ferocious and aggressive animals such as lions, bears and crocodiles should be avoided. Also avoid motifs with sharp corners such as arrows, crosses and diamonds. Instead, opt for nature designs and curved edges, or hang a tranquil artwork opposite the cot so the first thing baby sees when she awakes is an image of peace and serenity.

Feng Shui, Mama Disrupt

Avoid clutter

If you live in a small space, the baby’s room is often the old study or store room. Even so, use storage boxes and baskets to organise things, as cluttered space can create blockages. Avoid storing things under the cot, as the energy needs to flow freely around the room.

Choose natural materials

Use natural materials whenever possible – organic fibres for sheets, blankets, soft furnishings and rugs; wood over plastic for furniture and toys. The natural elements will help your child feel nurtured and connected to the earth.

Above all else, Feng Shui often feels good, so trust your instincts. It’s about more than just design choices. It’s about expressing your love for your baby, creating a retreat for bonding and relaxation in which you both will thrive.